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And now the official chen ten wins accuweather 4day forecast with meteorologist carl been ski who has this live report on this saturday morning under clear to partly cloudy sky right now seventy three it'll blind up in the mid 60s in the city and it'll be a bit cooler and some outlying areas now later on today if you have outdoor plans while a shower me briefly interrupted especially this morning i don't think it'll be much longer than that you're going to be seeing a clouds times in one or two showers moving through along the leading edge of some very warm air yesterday was eighty degrees in midtown today it'll be a bit closer we four even if it does rain for a short while tonight saturday night lows near 70 show quite mild animal heat up tomorrow and monday fact arch temperatures should be no lower than ninety in the city not only tomorrow on monday but tuesday as well while tomorrow won't be all that humid monday and tuesday should be more humid shuttle feel like it's in the mid nineties in parts of the tristate area before the heatwave is broken by a front pushing down from the north and east that'll generate showers and a thunderstorm tuesday night and wednesday seventy three it's clear right now unity forty six percent the wind southwest chicks miles per hour clear seventy three for headed down to sixty four in midtown all maquis with a meteorologist curb of vince kion a york's weather station tan win wins news time twelve 54 dozens of models were hanging out entire square yesterday with messages of positively painted on their otherwise naked bodies they say that europeans are more comfortable with nudity japan's from england she was visiting times square today i'm from a let the village cuff records and you see in some circles out here today the act say many she was with her son joe who might wanna stay in the state's a little bit longer lasting of and what's your impression of the city now that you've seen him to the disappointment of many the exhibition called body tags is one day only organiser anti goal of this from niaque we've been doing for the past three years we've been doing body painting which is live public body painting all around the city andrew thousand ten wins in times square seventy three degrees going.

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