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Grants me. To uphold the constitutional principles at the heart of our nation. Here at home the long awaited new express lanes along I 66 from route 28 and Centreville to route 29 in Gainesville set to open today this Saturday by midday we're told at last check, Virginia transportation officials say the new express option should help with the backups in the stretch of that roadway, the toll lanes will be free for all until late September while you get used to the new route. The Department of Justice and the trumpet illegal team breaking news overnight early morning late last night turning in their individual choices of candidates for special master with the Mar-a-Lago probe stayed with WTO for more on these developing stories and just minutes. On their Saturday morning September 10th, where the time now is three 48. I think whether or the 8th, good morning to Ian Crawford with this in the WTO traffic center. Back to Virginia and the Georgetown pike the crash activity, both directions being blocked now, river band road, or another cliff hall road. So you'll need to bail out early, I think west banners, I think your last chance is going to be at old dominion drive east batter should be at Lee mill road to get around the crank activity on Georgetown pike near river band road. On the rest of the Virginia roadways, actually doing fairly well. We may still have some debris issues inter loop of the capitol beltway near Arlington boulevard exit 50 for route 50 over on the right side. 66 works odds are still there, but they're certainly not on negotiable. They're fairly quiet to get through. And that includes what dino is talking about here with the new 66 express lanes, which are scheduled to open a stress scheduled to open later today between 29 and Gainesville and 28 in Centreville. On the ramp from 50 eastbound to westbound 66, nothing's happening, it's blocked and you'll have to go all the way up to weight post Bill road and make the U turn and catch up on 66 westbound that way from westbound 50. In Maryland on the capitol beltway, it's quiet 50 between the bay bridge and the beltway is no reported delays. And across the bay bridge, two lanes in each direction, two and from the short district travel, the crash was in, Columbia heights, 13th street northwest, near Clifton street, follow police direction to get around. Ian Crawford, WTO traffic. Clouds will continue to push into the region mostly cloudy this afternoon, temperatures for your Saturday will be in the lower 80s, rain develops tonight, and

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