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You pay the new hampshire sales tax which is none some updates on that hor horrific story at a florida international university you're going to be hearing the phrase accelerated bridge construction a lot this was the system that the two companies manila construction in fig bridge group used they built the bridge largely offsite and then brought it in and out people asking is that where the problem came from mark rubio said there are some cables that had come loose and that that's what the company was actually working on the bridge collapse so there may be an element of human error that they're working on something and didn't do it right i don't know what i do know is that this sounds familiar to those of us in boston because the big which by the way originally projected to cost three billion dollars according to the local officials who wanted the federal government to pay for it final cost twenty three billion mr by hayes the three in it what's you know it it was technically finished in two thousand six that was the year that they i mean it was a long big project but technically they had the final and now we're done in two thousand six later that year a ceiling tile panel in the bridge fell on a woman in crushed her to death while she was driving through the big less than a year after completion it already killed somebody twenty plus billion dollars for a tunnel that kills people all over the country we have tunnels built twenty fifty a hundred years ago the far less expense that have never killed anyone and so is the problem we'll see where it goes house with follow up will be but watch for that accelerated bridge construction also lots of talk about the fact that for example manila construction was doing some work at the fort lauderdale airport and they put up one of those kind of temporary walkover bridges walk so they could do the construction work you've seen those and apparently one of them collapsed under employees wait he suing them the other company fig has had some issues and they've had to pay off some settlements the reporting i've seen on.

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