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Meteorologist Jennifer Ketchmark news radio 700 wlw 35 degrees right now, just one more day of campaigning in George ahead of tomorrow's Senate runoff election President Trump's campaign trip to Georgia today comes amid a growing controversy over his phone call with the state's top election official this weekend. The president's heard in an audio recording, pressuring Georgia's secretary of state Brad Rapids, Burger to quote find enough votes in the state to help him win. Republicans are worried the president will focus heavily tonight on his baseless claims of voter fraud, and that that could potentially dampened Republican turnout in these critical Senate runoff elections. During his call with the secretary of state, Trump says he thinks Republicans will say home on Tuesday because they're not happy with the results of the presidential election. Taryn Travers, ABC NEWS Washington The secretary of health and Human Services, is defending the Trump administration's rollout of a Corona virus vaccine. So far, two million doses have been administered a fraction of what Alex is our said would have been given by now. We said Our goal was was actually to have 20 million first doses available in the month of December. Those are available, but there's a lag between doses being available than being ordered by the providers in the states. These are says they have seen a very sharp uptick in the number of vaccinations administered in the past 72 hours today, you see medical. They're beginning the second round of shots of the Fizer vaccine to those that received the first dose three weeks ago. For the first time in the history of Hamilton County, A woman is now running the sheriff's Department Charmaine McGuffey, sworn in this morning after unseating Jim Neal last year. Meanwhile, the former sheriff in Pike County will have to wait a little while longer to find out his punishment. The controversial sheriff in Pike County at the center of the road and murders who pleaded guilty to theft in office and related charges, will not be sentenced as scheduled this week. Charlie reader. When l learn his fate on February, 16th and Pike County commonplace court the delay due to covert 19 issues. Reader reportedly had a gambling problem and racked up more than $17,000 in gambling losses and his wife threatened divorce. He initially faced 16 charges and a grand jury added two more charges. But reader pled guilty at the end of September. Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost previously said that readers indictment wouldn't affect the rodent prosecution which is still in the courts. I'm Sandy Collins news radio 700 wlw on the Wall Street a very rough start to the day the Dow Down almost 500 points..

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