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And we were left thinking, juani Paul to first and foremost after Tuesday's game to secure that sweep. I mean, there's a reason he got the championship belt and it's not just like, you know, it's a championship belt and official measuring stick a real legit metric of who was most valuable to team success. I mean, you can't quantify the belt, but Peralta gets the damn belt for what he did in that one. It never. I mean, baseball is a funny game, right? They won ten games in a row. You got hean Ian Morton on the mound. You go, we're not winning this game. This is a terrible matchup, you know, the braves are gonna crush him. Freddy Freeman strike three call in the first inning gets robbed and suddenly he gives up two two out runs. Okay, and it's like, yep, there, you know, there we go. We're not gonna hit more than 5 standing hits a laser. Gary ties the game beats the shift. DJ takes a two run lead. Yankees get out of the 5th inning with a lucky call on the Freddie Freeman, slide into home plate. Who knows, look safe to me look safe to you? Probably replay. It's kind of unclear if his foot's on the planet or just hovering over it. That's definitely the home or take, but it's also the even handed take the damn umpires. That's their take. So what do you want from me? What do you want? What do you want? Door hits a home run for insurance. It's 5 three. We got Chapman in the 9th. Everyone in your mother knows this is gonna come down to a Chapman appearance, just a matter of whether it's an easy chair in appearance or a bad one. With two outs and one on, it's a good Chapman appearance. It's totally fine Chapman appearance. A area adrianza coming up as the final out, probably not gonna Homer my gap one might make it a little sweaty, you might bring Ozzy, obviously the plate probably not gonna get a hit. Doesn't even throw a pitch close to the plate, not even in the realm, not even in the vicinity. And as soon as adrianza walks, it's like every Yankee fans motor clicks back into place, you're dreading.

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