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Being blockaded from irs With respect to knowing about about the ones they want to reach. I mean it's the same thing that we're seeing now with the third party a cookie Implosion supposedly there are other ways that companies are coming up with some of them even more apparent frankly than third party cookies It's We're in a world where tracing the person has become the common language of marketing. A second go way companies are going to just keep trying to do it and in one way or another to try to bribe people to give them the data. Right the say okay. Y- you end the book on this chapter called a voice profiling and freedom. And i think that's a it's a good segue because it's kinda where we are right now But share with our viewers. The just of this chapter okay. It works on a number of level. Some which i've orrey suggested. But i think we have to realize that we're talking about voice. Profiling we really are talking about making assumptions making about our body to what extent to we want companies to say. We know you better than you know yourself. Freedom is letting us look at your body whether it's your voice weather. It's your face your excuse the impression whether it's your urinalysis i mean. How much can people give up about themselves. In order to get what they think are good deals. Say so. that's part of the issue. What does it mean to talk about. Freedom in air where where Profiling is based on your body and then spinning off on that. What can be done with the voice and with the face and other biometric facets of ourselves by governments by political campaigns. You know You political campaigns are going to say no matter what you do with marketers. Shut him down. We have the right to say anything we want. Because of the first amendment so i can see very easily voice prides or depending on state or at least the voice profile conclusions. Being part of your public record write. Imagine that i'm in companies coming up using those inferences about you as part of the way to target you or even real time. Forget about names. You i call you and in real time whether i know your name or not i listen to your voice and the ad the.

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