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The middle of the night. I didn't know what to do and didn't sleep in that room for weeks. I would sleep on the couch all the lights on for about three weeks. I did that me and the cat. After he saw the figure at the end of his bed. Fred would sometimes stay at his sister's house for a couple of nights you felt like he just couldn't hack it staying in the apartment, and so he decided to buy his own home. He bought a property nearby and started construction on a brand new house. Finally, an house was built he and the kids were delighted to out of the apartment. My room was mostly empty the middle of the day. We're getting the last loads of things into the truck. I think there were probably just some toys out throwing into a box. And I remember. Realizing that it felt like someone was behind me. And I didn't really look up. This is kind of a familiar sensation. At this point. But as I'm packing things away. I see a white figure blocked from behind me out the door. And it was unmistakable mistake. -able Mike Catt, and Fred definitely felt the apartment was haunted. And now they were out of there. They felt like they could admit that something was up with the place. When they got to.

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