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That's harrys .com code CORE. Years of commercial fishing are not easy on the human body. Just ask Anthony pull in a lot of fish. It's a very repetitive task and the consequences were pretty painful. I have torn rotator cuffs in both shoulders, which made it just about impossible to do his job. Fortunately, I'm the captain. So when my shoulders got to a point where I couldn't work the deck, I had others to do that. But he knew that was no way to run a ship, so he went to Dr. Mark Wagner, MD, who suggested stem cell therapy. And soon all hands were back on deck. After about 30 days, my shoulders are allowing me to do my job without pain. Both shoulders are getting stronger every day. That's a good thing. So you'd recommend stem cell therapy? I definitely would. I absolutely am very happy with the results, whether it's a shoulder, hip or knee. Before choosing surgery, consider stem cell therapy with Dr. Mark Wagner, MD Seattle at Sports and Regenerative Medicine. Schedule your consultation at drmarkwagnermd com 591 Welcome back. You're with America in the Morning. I'm John Trout. It's 14 till. More a than dozen teenagers were hospitalized after a walkway collapsed during a summer field trip to a Texas beach. Corresponding Clayton Neville has that story. More than 70 teenagers were on the trip to Surfside Beach in our south of Houston with the Bayou City Fellowship summer camp. Authorities campers say were taking a picture on an elevated walkway on the beach when the walkway collapsed. This witness spoke with ABC 13 in Houston. That whole ramp was getting full and then all of a sudden it sounded like a shotgun blast and went pow and next thing I know I see girls flying through the air bouncing off the ground and then they didn't move in about a minute later. I really appreciate the first responders. It wasn't a minute and first responders were on scene and they were just kids laying everywhere. It was terrible. The Surfside Fire Department says says at least five people were flown in helicopters to a local hospital. 14 others were taken to hospitals by the victims are expected to survive and range in age from 14 to 18. Authorities now investigating what exactly caused the collapse. I'm Clayton Clayton Neville. As wildfires burn in Canada and spread bad air quality over parts of the US the investigation into what started Colorado's most destructive wildfire has been uncovered. Ed Donahue has that story. The determination is embers from an old fire and sparks from a power line set off 2021 wildfire in heavily populated suburbs between Denver and Boulder District Attorney Michael Doherty made the announcement. If we were to tell you today that we were filing charges it would and unethical. We can only file charges when there's evidence of a crime having been committed. The wildfire left two people dead. More than a thousand homes were destroyed. It hit close to home for Sheriff Curtis Johnson. People lost everything. All their possessions, family heirlooms were turned to ash. I share in that loss as I lost my home. The broke fire out during a drought in Colorado in a winter with almost no snow. I'm Ed Donahue. 12th Hill, the Vatican has said that Pope Francis was in a good general condition following surgery. Correspondent Karen Shamas has an update. The pontiff underwent a three -hour operation to remove intestinal scar tissue and repair a hernia in his abdominal wall. Near the hospital in Rome where the Pope was resting, Sister Pia, a Catholic nun, told the AP she wasn't worried but she prayed for Francis. We hope that everything will be sorted well and soon because we need the Pope. At the Vatican, Belgian tourist Yves Dirix was less optimistic. If it's too sick to stay on he has to go. This is the Pope's second major abdominal operation in two years following a 2021 year to remove his colon. I'm Karen Shamas. A couple of New York lawyers are in trouble after they say they were led astray by chat GPT. Correspondent Ben Thomas reports. The two lawyers say the artificial intelligence powered chat bot invented reference to past court cases that they relied on in filing in Manhattan federal court. They were looking for precedence to support a client's lawsuit against the Colombian airline Abianca for an injury occurred on a flight. And chat GPT suggested several cases they haven't been able to find. The problem was some weren't real or involved airlines that didn't exist. While the lawyers apologized at a hearing, the judge seemed both baffled and disturbed and is now deciding whether to sanction the pair. I'm Ben Thomas. The The big four social media sites are known for their influencers, but the EU thinks ads about crypto currencies should be off limits. Chuck Palm has that story in today's tech news. Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Twitter could face regulatory action as a European consumer group has complained to the commission that their online platforms allegedly facilitated misleading promotions of crypto assets. This comes only a month after adopting the first comprehensive set of rules for crypto assets in in Europe. The commission has complained that this comes from advertisers and influencers online. Taiwan based Acer computers has been said to have supplied at least 70 .4 million dollars worth of hardware to Russia between April and March of this year after saying it would suspend business there. Acer's actions are contrast in with key Western arrivals such as Dell and HP, which had ceased shipments in February and April respectively following Moscow's full invasion of the Ukraine. Both major cryptos remain flat after regulatory information. this week. For more tech stories visit alltotoptech .tech. I'm Chuck Palm. In with Friday sports on America in the morning at 9 till here's Robert Workman. The Florida Panthers rallied to three win game of the Stanley Cup finals edging the Golden Knights 3 -2 in overtime. Matthew Kuchuk tied it with 213 left in regulation then Carter Verhage won it. 7 of Florida's 13 wins this postseason have come after regulation. Vegas still leads the series 2 -1 with game four Saturday night. Game four of the NBA finals in Miami tonight the Nuggets lead the Heat two games to one. Baseball the Braves got home runs in the eighth ninth and tenth to up in the Mets 13 -10 sending New York to its sixth trade loss. Giants got three in the ninth repel to the Rockies. San Francisco has now beaten Colorado 11 straight times. Oreos came back to beat the Brewers. Phillies trimmed the Tigers. Zach Wheeler took a no -hitter into the eighth. Then Cody Clements Rogers kid came through with a walk -off RBI knock in the ninth for the Phil's fifth straight win. Rays doubled up the Twins for their sixth in a row. Dodgers shut out the Reds. Clayton Kershaw fanned nine and combined on a six hitter. Jose Ramirez notched his first three home run game leading the Guardians past the Red White Sox. Sox and Yankees split a pair. Angels swept out the Cubs and the Blue Jays rallied past the Astros. Number one Oklahoma its captured third straight Women's College World Series title beating Florida State their 53rd consecutive win. At the top seat and defending champion Iguis Fiantek advanced into the finals. Today Novak Djokovic tries to get into the men's He's final. aiming for his record 23rd Grand Slam title. That's Friday Sports. There's Robert Workman Thank you seven till when we

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