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I was out absolutely terrible i eat it it just depends on who you are injure and i i do think that you could start a little bit later an you know first week of march third games not this in two weeks to go in february i don't believe that you need thirty plus games to be ready for the season you know you get 20 games and but here's the deal you have pitchers that need to get you know the their arms built up by an euled will build it up you know away from your pitching coach and and you know the the and staff yeah he do it in front of them sir you're going to be all ready to go you're going to be strong but it is the build up in i think that is the only reason why spring training is that long is for pitchers the get their work in the non athletes a non athletes if they make sure they get extra work to build up so that they don't get hurt or you know built up to one hundred utter pitches in the last start maybe eighty seventy eighty and then they they they get ready for the season so uh i don't have any that says it's fine right now i mean you're there at the yard all day long yeah that's what it feels like an it's exactly where you want to be right but then again like six in the morning you know that's how that that's when i showed up because i like give my work done right i would like to slept in a little bit longer i woulda helped out quite a bit look everyone has their their gripes about everything when one guy goes down that means spring change too long you know all yeah we do that every it's every time one old hamstring i don't know exactly what the number of games will be twenty twenty one that's i would lakes a i haven't they lie would think i just wish she was like the old days where like when willie willie mays would talk to me in the uh the clubhouse we talk about all the time like willie what did you do in the offseason by man to play basketball mike when you play baseball is a spring training at a shape then that's all said that's a good point because i think we've seen a shift.

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