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A Waterloo media station he's not a king I'm Dave Anthony fox news that's what new York's governor says reacting to president trump claiming to have authority over winter reopen things shut by the corona virus Andrew Cuomo told CNN there were working together and that's why I don't understand why he would tell you that at this point this suggestion the calls the federal government but the president is insistence president trump insisting the decision to re open the country's economy alternately rests with him not with the nation's governors claiming he has the ultimate authority to loosen those stay at home measures we will soon finalize new and very important guidelines to give governors the information they need to start safely opening their states ten governors from two blocks of eastern and western hot spot states have banded together to coordinate re opening things regionally the U. S. constitution leaves the primary authority over public health as well as police powers to the states in Washington John decker fox news International Monetary Fund is now predicting the worst year for the global economy since the Great Depression of the nineteen thirties but on Wall Street stocks are surging the Dow's up nearly six hundred points the number of criminal cases may top six hundred thousand in the U. S. today nearly three million people have been tested and there is a new one in New Jersey the test which uses saliva instead of the invasive no swabs was developed by scientists at Rutgers University and given emergency use authorization by the food and drug administration in recent days records also launched a genetic testing service for the virus that contest our sins of samples that day and with the new tests that may increase to tens of thousands daily fox's tonnage it powers on a current treatment picking up steam using plasma from the blood of those recover given the virus patients providing antibodies to fight and America is listening to fox news time nine oh two good morning I'm mark Caesar the Austin school district says it cannot find the students who need Chromebooks thousands of kids said they needed a Chromebook but now the A. I. Esty says the kids are not at the addresses provided by their parents the A. I. S. details a statesman it's a very large task trying to locate all of these kids the Austin salvation army is closed after twelve homeless test positive for the corona virus the twelve are now staying at a hotel leased by the city of Austin the salvation army is being sanitized Austin and Travis county now require you to wear a mask when you go out in public mayor Steve Adler hopes for voluntary compliance he says if necessary that order will be enforced it's part of the extension of the stay at home order that runs until may eighth forty five degrees get Austin news on demand at newsradio kale B. J. dot.

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