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And grow and change. In your own way in your own life, And sometimes your relationship to these things also changes but to counter that sometimes there are things that you check in with, and they're absolutely fabulous. Like last night, I watched Sunset Boulevard, which is one of my favorite movies of all time, and I was like, Let's check in with Norma Desmond. See how she holds up. Hand and sure enough It's still incredible and it's still amazing. I love those sweet thanks for meeting on a happy note. Is there anything grand? Just if you want to put a bow on it was there anything that you've experienced? That made? You sort of re re evaluate what you originally thought about it. Well, I'm in the process of doing it right now. Lost is one of my favorite shows of all time. But I'm going back and watched the first season a couple times the first couple seasons, multiple times that I've never fully watched it twice. And I'm now into the middle of the Syriza again. And I'm finding all these inconsistent, not really inconsistencies. But just Kind of was not into the whole, like, Hey, let's they kept saying it's not purgatory. It's not purgatory, right? They kept telling you what? It wasn't what it wasn't and I just ignored because I liked it so much. And now that I go back and watch it, I'm like they completely Do the whole time. So lost is kind of sad because it's my favorite show but lost his getting there for me. All right, well, OK. When we come back, you guys work. Thanks, Bradley. No, I wanted, you know, I mean, it's something we've all experienced. And it Z, you know, even maybe just the experiencing that it isn't what you thought it was, is a valuable exercise. So for that, at least we can be thankful. Exactly. Here's something else we can be thankful for. There's a publication ship we need to catch you up on and that population ship which what's a publication ship, Holly? Population ship is a celebrity relationship. Leverage for publicity. This one involves rebel Wilson will tell you all about it when we return right here on my talk one of 71 another lorry and Julia moment you've been celebrating all.

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