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Yeah his basically name here right now. I feel like that's what's happening is the guys can. I just pat myself on the back for like wbz autographed sports. But I but I I WANNA set low. You're absolutely right that this is incredible. Bounceback I also think Bernie is not someone who to take anything lying down rate so I I don't think He's just in his fans are deaf first of all the minority of his fans that want to punch me in the face at all times on the. They're tough. I embrace them. You know as as people but they are. So there's no time for a thirty second Bernie Sanders Story. Yes I mean I. I'm urge because the context is my dad served in Congress for Sixteen Years Bernie served in the House before the Senate Zach Zach the name and What a name right all right folks ridiculous and my dad was too gleeful southern Republican who had friends with friends with everybody Sheila jackson-lee was his buddy and he hugged been he was It's new everybody kind of politics. Aside friends with everybody. And He'd always try to crack the Bernie Code and he said of all the people ever served with hardest guide. Ever have a conversation with so. I'm talking to a friend of mine. Yesterday's in reform community a named his daughter after a very famous Vermont a political activist a game and he sees Bernie at an event a couple of years ago in Bernie sitting on a bench. No Phone no distraction. No magazine just sitting on a bench by himself an event and so my friend goes up to him and says Hey Bernie I just wanted you to know My daughter is named after this woman. Who is a really famous Vermont activist in by the way she passed away just a couple of weeks ago. I thought you'd like to know that. And he said Bernie looked up and goes yeah she was a real pain in the ASS. That was their whole cover. Can you imagine that interaction surprising i? It's on brand. It's exactly I mean the Just He just indulges curmudgeon. Nece in in the most beautiful away curmudgeon. It's like the aged hippie rightly do want this sort of side by side. I I've been dreaming of the side by side sort of ad for I guess it would be pro Bernie where you see Biden step out of you know a luxury Bentley Limo. Or what you and Bernie roll out of a Rv or a VW something. Yeah I feel like they are dual opposites like in the way the ultimate opposites in every single way. Yeah way they put them on stage during the debates. Even I feel like is specific. Yeah I also WANNA look so. So wasn't you think it's you just think it's over?.

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