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In yourself that on your best day no one can beat you and you have to feel that even even though I also really new especially my last by the new the guy was too good for me but I went into the ring and like you did. You must've been offering in thinking e can't beat me I. I went off in the feelings. I have a newell could be if I'm if I'm totally taught me on this Donald for four award V. That makes sense question you read is the you know like say for instance went on both front for the bridge. storrow was no one but I was not going to win that fought. Why don't you think that was that out again? Because again the reputation and now we not good he was maybe not believing ourselves as much as you should. We used to go to psychologist. I think we spike about this. When you came in downtown the time look at your face feel feel as the mistakes of learn into control them things from before from my own experiences domain on a feel as though of amount so colleges if you lie yes you know for a fact lower never made them same mistakes again all of them same out and if it was to fought but it'd be again or go in not fought no not not offing cannot be? We could win it. It didn't see it didn't show figure obviously show that you know. Sort of half no half-heartedly Philippe behalf thinking without a did about you caught. Hell was Zim. Say is a weird one because essay fru fought old. Doubts never died always going to give I give it all those always gonna give it all see. I didn't focus on the fight. I just focused on the stuff at the end the belts and win lifting up and I just thought within their discipline. I'm going to be if I if I win. This fight is going to be so focused on you train for almost. I didn't worry about Jim. One of the beds or more James would be different if the BELTON and winning. I didn't think about you about I didn't go through. The scenario of what was GONNA happen to. Maybe you could over think things famous oversee. What was doing enough? I feel trauma cash ratio relief refreshingly. Honest to based and came second to the best the rest the account of yourself. What does put that to one side for now and look ahead to where we go now? You have some time out. What is the plan? You WanNa get in the ring you WanNa get some momentum behind you again. Yeah I mean obviously this European for it's supposed to be up and then wait for the official confirmation confirmation of the day that's the against potentially ego Kennel. Every say his name but less so far at but again so far the AUM Aum uh-huh Molin confident of on win on Oklahoma Game But Yeah I get that win. Not and the move on and get busy and and stay active for the next couple of years because my career has been stop start. Stop Start and this time starts and stays stay star for furious especially when it's out of your control through injury that you can't do anything about that so frustrating and that can that that that's where dogs can start entering your hair talks takes some some people just like paper. The you know what I mean. They just rip and tear heavy new yours injuries. self-inflicted 'cause you plan on your bony. BMX But and what have you know you know. But it's something. Some people just injured all the time. And it's going to be sold Sri in for really happened in the fact that you've got this this fight. I think it's a it's a perfect for because news award ranked fighter one of the best cov is beaten and didn't have his own way and I think if you can do and I think you could Deuba job at this stage of their careers and put you elevate your feedback harsh and talking to title shots. What about potential right right down the line with someone like Barack see or Neon? Those two names are constantly it to us say we may May. What's the content of the free biggest names James imprint? Another minute and the key mentioned an assault on interview mentioned in about Weinstein Man. What's the Kennedys Year on offering us? A big a father can be made and and probably will be made and I said I say so far more than open to and and more than for those two names Tasha voisine Anthony Art. Who would you like basically? Would you rather Right now I mean it all depends on what would be the biggest fought over the wanted before tall. We I WANNA be worth the more money ought to save on would prefer to fall because you know whoever who seemed to be. The father of Tom on May prefer to fly potato beer forgivable. It's all the same that they've got the will Six more time eight month time ten more time you know things change and assess out then you would you like to see callum with if it will right now I would say bad just because of the box call eleven outdo they lost the condom yourself and so the similarities and possible just fellow shot and and also there's a vacant tall hanging you don't have to put in the mixed. I think that domestic robbery at several embassies waiting in the wings. So that's what's he might be the best. Everyone care what I say but it might be because look fantastic. Put a foot wrong but not quite box than ever they boxed out in Alaska a fight sold or yards last for your last two fifty. We haven't got the right level yet. He looks get that easily but yeah but it'd be either way such an exciting hours now. Domestically is fantastic. Ought to the golden contract there. There's going to be windy. Day is going to push him for one of these three. Of course well talking contract you look nice tonight because of course. You're you're Jim Mates Bert. And he's in the semifinals isn't the hours he do is box in. Asia is training really. Well I mean the box. Untouched became the first four. And he did. I think he wins. He wins contract no problem and again not put him in the walthall mix and believe we should be as well because I was as a very very good for. Aw Mom you're saying this but similarly to yourself is not really had that much exposure really his his current Murray's they say he had his break when the British and then he lo a loss of against Franken eat Sola went down for Shawqi for call about and a special name rarely because he who is winning not fought quite unbelie in eight and they go in the end any loss bull it just shows how our laws can stump career low and put a stop you know for quite a while but you know. He's he's channels now. He's he's in this cold on contract and you know he's looking on form. It didn't tell him that never really caught on this because you pass yeah always always already the level where these guys are trying to fight to get to if you like so if I would have been at the station obviously would cost my mind. You know I feel as our more the European or world level. You know a lot of that. It's fantastic it really it. It is and that is ten rounds and not knowledge to the pros for three rounds makes a genuine guys used to be in the prizefights. It from back in the day you get some really good champions from it but our format like a cheat through three rounds and you can let me spin through and you will probably struggle more than I would the ten rooms it makes it a real. How distant and the first one the Federation that that that was on the bushes? I was lucky to be ringside aside and it was just fantastic. Become the contract at the end of it for the women but also the The incentive of the knockout. Mrs Yes. It's more excitement. Hasn't tournament win. The first and foremost actually. I'm saying I would be you know I'll be chasing Satnav anyway the bonuses and you just wanted the fights but I think the fact.

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