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O'clock, townhall dot com. I'm rich. Thomason. Trump is denouncing is a political hoax House Democrats wide ranging Russia investigation. It's disgrace. It's a disgrace to our country. I'm not surprised that it's happening. Basically, they've started the campaign. Mr. Trump says Democrats are still upset with the outcome of the twenty sixteen election and are harassing him with investigations the president's former personal lawyer makes a return visit to Capitol Hill today. Michael Cohen back in front of the house intelligence committee for a second day of closed-door testimony expected to focus on Russian interference in the two thousand sixteen election. This a day after new questions were raised about Cohen's testimony last week that he never sought a pardon from the Trump administration. The Wall Street Journal reporting that Cohen's attorney raise the idea of a pardon after the FBI raided Cohen's home at office last April Capitol Hill. Correspondent Wally Hindes US. Customs and border protections has more than seventy six thousand migrants crossed the US Mexico border last month, according to see BP Commissioner, Kevin Michael. Within the system as well. Beyond capacity, and remains at the breaking point homeland security secretary Nielsen maybe after about that if you testified today before the house homeland security committee, we you never know what a day may bring a painful reminder of that has Jack Chris mourns the death of a six year old nephew little AJ. Hernandez, one of the youngest victims of the tornadoes devastated. The small town of Beauregard Alabama last week. Oh, I love him. Man. I love you. And I wish I got one more just little hog or something because he was here just the day before it all happened. And of course, you're not even expecting what what's the twisters flattened Beauregard regard, claiming at least twenty three lives in the process. President Trump will visit the disaster area on Friday. On Wall Street..

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