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And I was like well. Let me ask a friend. Emailed it to them. I said Hey man. I'm just thinking about them. Amal, podcast is, would you think? And he said it sounds good I like it. And our explain where I was coming from you know and I said. Basically new. Equals reason. Is because the new things that are going on like the covid nineteen the new things you hear about. Equals the reason to talk about it. And I looked up the meaning. In new means not existing the fuller made introduced or discovered recently or now for the first time, so yes. That made sense to me. This is new. Nobody's really heard me do a podcast. Would new. Eagles a person or thing considered to be the same. Another status or or quality? Outside let you know equals Yeah Eagles money. Anything you think about it equals this. In reason, a calls, explanation or justification for So when I read it, it made more sense in my head because. We're talking about new things new ideas. I won't everything that I'm doing with this to be new in. Bring out different. People in different voices, maybe that I think he's. Or maybe it's been passed to me. You know baby. They're doing something a little bit different, and if I get a platform that people were listening. Occupy, bring them to some New People. In music. A ministry anything? That is not. Commonly done. In our everyday life where people you hear talked to discount giving them somewhere, they could speak out. And it was a new adventure for myself. I set a goal for myself to. Just, try. Be Cows when you try something new most people hesitate. Separate people that are willing to be criticized willing to see. If there's something decking. Come from it. So, will you looking for a new boys? At this time of what's going on. Maybe we'll find.

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