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And i am this week is just yesterday was dark. But it's a combination of know it all revelations in icons to this coming icons on 'em three comes out a week from yesterday. June tim bilas And then we're dark for another week and there's no it all and then the second quarter fun closes so i'm halfway through my year. Here's the problem hagley my boss. Thirty super cool guy. He should know better. He asked me during a pandemic lockdown. What i could possibly do. And i was like all of it and now content as a one man who speak is a lot well especially if they're produces fucking b. m. w. thing which is a lot of. That's i just the whole time watching that. I was like am. I expected to live up to this level of production on this haggarty. Shit is this. This is crazy. That was so icon is insane. I mean my goal dot com is beat top. Be talk your one. Year was at its best Well that's interesting. Right fucking there if you obviously. You don't have enough money to do some of their craziest stuff like when they when they did the s-l our camera array to do the matrix shots and shit like we're not doing that but you what you did in that intro. Sequence is using conventional resources as good as you'll find fucking anywhere what top. You're also did really well as we know from talking to chris or other people as they right the fuck out of it like they write and rewrite right they'll have lunch the rewriting the same time so like the tightness of the words and the story and then like you can have the arc that you've planned in boarding like i story boarded. That's it is right. That's what i'm saying. Is i always appreciate about top gear was how it had this ark and then i think jason stuff has always had that so you know you may not be able to beat them in terms of effects but just as a writer our budget. I guarantee you my budget for that entire episode of icons which again thirty minutes long young was less than their catering for one day on a shoot. I probably will question. I know because. I haven't called modified. Did you happen to see my new episode jason. The drift nazi. At that you put in the unfought shit box. Hummer h one because one is in a rare class of vehicles that virtually impa unshipped. Boxing is very expensive if if a car Came off the line shit box. Chances are it's a shit box. Forever and jon ward at icon even touch hummers. So and so the second these guys in detroit You know they they build a they have unshipped box the hammer in some in a certain sense so they have a street build. That's like three hundred grand and has a modern powertrain and all kinds of cool shit in it but they also have this meal like the nine eleven arm mule that printing her had that it was a military windowless doorless. Roofless the lightest hummer you can and it turns out that you know hummers mid engined right and if you have if you set it up for rear-drive and you lower it even leaving the portal axles. You can lower it. You can put big breaks on it and you can put street wheels and tires on it..

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