Alabama, Steve Bannam, Bannon Bannon discussed on PBS NewsHour - What the Bannon vs. McConnell fight means for Trump and the GOP


Within they'll their own party is steve bannon and its mitch mcconnell whose job it is to try to keep these and comes together and as we saw mitch mcconnell and his team of spent a whole lot of money trying to protect one of those luther strange in alabama didn't work out too well didn't work out and steve bannam really is trying to help some other candidate he is he he says that he he wants to field candidates for basically every senate race he wants to go after people who are very conservative who have never voted against president trump on anything but core part of the leadership and support mitch mcconnell the thing about today that was fascinating to me is president trump in his cabinet meeting was asked about bannon and said that he was sort of sympathetic for bannon bannon's position that he felt like they're worse than senators you know some are good people he said but some of them need to go and then he goes out has mistpro mt impromptu press conference in the rose garden with mitch mcconnell and basically was like yeah i'm with which mcconnell we're on the same team mitch mcconnell is steve bannon is public enemy number what were you set this up perfectly because we were going to show we are going to show what the president had to say both at the cabinet meeting and later with senator mcconnell here it is i can understand it's coming from that i can understand to be honest with you i could understand where a lot of people because i'm not happy about it and a lot of people are steve is doing what steve things is the right thing some of the people that he may be look you that i'm going to see if we talked a matter that because frankly the great people what ritual tell you is that baby with the exception of a few.

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