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First and foremost after. Take care of yourself in your own personal situation that includes of course finances for a lot of people I would say for younger people. Oh especially if you don't have kids or you know particular set of attachments. I would look very strongly at getting a second passport. I mean I you know you have to if if you can Diversifying yourself politically is probably one of the most liberating things you could possibly do. Because you're going to have an exit potentially for what I think is going to be a very nasty sort of conflicts of debt and problems with the dollar and political problems and maybe even a Cultural or or you know sort of a cold civil war here in the United States so I guess that would be first and foremost and and don't don't just listen to people about what you need to do with respect to college. I I mean one thing that has changed is life expectancy and absent some sort of real calamity. How many hopefully that's going to continue? And so we can expect the many of us to live into our nineties. Whatever which means you're going to be working probably well into your seventies and not retiring? Let's say in your sixties ABC's lie your grandparents might have and maybe retiring. Never so as a result of that I I would counsel younger. People take your time getting to college. It's better to get through in college at at thirty with zero debt. And I know that sounds old versus rushing through at twenty two with a bunch of debt and then some people compound that by. Let's going to med school. And so they're they're eating up their whole twenties and they're borrowing hundreds of thousands of dollars and they get a school at twenty eight or so and then two years later they discover that they don't like being talked to right. I mean I you know. I think we're we're entering an era where people don't work the same job their whole career they certainly don't work with the same employer their whole career. The GIG economy is probably growing whether we like that or not and so I think the ability to be Nimble and to turn quickly we is probably going to be valued in the future. So maybe knowing a little bit about a lot of things going to be better than knowing going all in on sort of one subject and devoting your whole life getting a PhD in economics and trying to find a tenure track job somewhere which is increasingly a unicorn. And that's what I call going all in so it's an interesting time and there's four since to be made there's you know there's little kids out there making millions of dollars on Youtube. I'm not saying that's easy. But it's like any crisis there's opportunity if you wanna find it but You know it's You boy I'll tell you what you can't count on on government to be there for you. That's that's for sure. Can we close by just saying a brief word about a project at the museum. Students doing features Fella named Hunter Hastings and it has to do with entrepreneurship. Because that's something sorta practicable to that. You don't have to be an academic you don't have to commit yourself getting PhD. It's another half us and I'm just curious about that. Particular Measles Institute project. Yes we have. A project called E. E. which means economics for entrepreneurs which is very sort of a separate track. It's a project of the institute but it's housed elsewhere. You can go to Lincoln for example and look up nieces for business or economics for entrepreneurs and find a lot of great content content there so the goal here is to take what is basically the big lessons of the big takeaways of Austrian economics and apply them to entrepreneurship and as we found over the years and talking to a lot of people in meeting. A lot of people is that people were already sort of applying these things in their business. Lives almost unknowingly that they had absorbed these lessons. which are may maybe conclusions that one can draw from studying Austin economics as well so if we dovetailed the two things together hopefully we might help create people who were more successful more skillful at making decisions about their about their business lives or even their career within an employer's business so there there are so many things which just seem obvious to us which does seem intuitive like the idea that consumers determine value rather than the Labor Theory Korea value or the idea that you know costs Determine how much something should be priced. Well that seems so obvious to us. No of of course apple apple builds IPHONE and they hope people will buy the next generation and what it costs it depends on on how much consumers value it in supply and it doesn't it doesn't matter how much you know each the individual units of each iphone cost because That's just not how the world.

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