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Schedule he goes lots of ways to help your business save energy and money visit Pico dot com slash smart ideas because the future is on the cable to be twenty four hour traffic center I'm Sam clover exam and like on a resort sponsors the forecast now with Tiffany Simona a few flurries will be possible this morning as temperatures start off in the thirties we will see more sunshine this afternoon but it will be a breezy day we could see gusts as high as thirty miles per hour highs around forty five degrees but when you factor in the wind it'll likely feel like the thirties all day long alright partly cloudy job to thirty two by Friday morning Friday afternoon mostly cloudy has around forty eight with a slight chance for a light rain or snow shower for areas north and west of the city Saturday it's looking colder with highs only around thirty eight right now partly cloudy thirty seven degrees it feels like thirty one as we head to forty five three things to know in just seconds improve your business forecast with a world class business retreat for your team I Kona means business dot com this check on Wall Street is sponsored by crash proof retirement dot com where you can listen live to the crash proof retirement show every Saturday at eleven AM and Sunday at one PM you desire this morning the Dow up one hundred three nasdaq climbing thirty seven S. and P. adding ten check back two three four times a day depend on KYW newsradio you know it's seven fifteen free legal scholars testified at a congressional hearing yesterday the president trump's actions are grounds for impeachment a fourth warned against rushing the process eagles likely facing a familiar foe Monday.

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