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English sandwiches we served finger sandwiches on wonder bread. Of course they just flew. Was My house ground zero which is kind of the way we're thinking now isn't it? That movie is flashing through our minds. Were wondering that last weekend in February did go to Costco trion. Some sunglasses get a meatball sample. Take to the massage. Chair sneeze my nose REM I. It's like that trailer from the movie contagion by the way which I recommend do not watch it I mean yes I'm old enough to remember. Gas rationing in the Reagan Years Remember. Oh the panic of only being able to get guests every other day based on the last digit of your license plate even or odd. Oh the long lines at the pump. Ma'am this episode much worse than that. This is the bad science fiction movie come to life but of course part of the toll of this pandemic is not just physiological but psychological. We're all going through these Kubler. Ross stages denial anger bargaining depression acceptance. There's panic tedium emotional confusion self-loathing fatalism. So ill prepared for this one day. You're serious thoughts may alternate with these totally trivial thoughts. And you notice that and you feel even worse. Indeed since you're not going to be able to go to therapy this week about your therapist. The most GERMOPHOBIC personal live. They probably left the country already. But anyway we're going to spend fifteen minutes here on do this together. It's a free therapy session. We're going to start with the first Kubler. Ross stage denial beginning of course with our president which I'll try to limit my remarks on with just take too much time anyway. Remember on the second Super Tuesday where do to corona virus concerns Joe Biden cancelled rally like in Ohio and yet in any way. Trump accused Biden of not really wanting to have the rally anyway because rallies aren't really biden strong suit and I remember thinking fine true. So what wouldn't it be great if all our politicians stopped having rallies who wants to rally anyway. Why do political candidates need to do that? Just run the country. I don't want Joe Biden to have to go anywhere. Just stay tanned rested and ready in your Hypo allergenic bubble. I like how Biden's been sweeping states. He didn't even visit vote by mail. Us Amazon. Brian. But it on the visa take it easy all that door knocking we did in twenty sixteen. I phoned bank for Hillary amongst warm bottles of dishonor water and sweaty tubs clumpy Hamas. I like this way. Better fewer marches. It's the more reliable older panicked vote but of course on a more personal level now came all are acquaintances cancellation emails due to an abundance of caution. So many things. We forgot even happening the nonprofit branch the fundraiser a poetry reading. That's right this is going to sound terrible but this one friend of ours. She's you know she lives alone. Jesus Bernie supporter. She's always constructing these impossible events anyway and she's always so hysterical so panicky until stricken. I mean this case. She was so hysterical about her poetry. Reading event being cancelled leading one to experience. Something called CORONA DOUBT. While you're thinking was the cancellation due to the corona virus or the fact that apparently not a ton of US under EU BY LIST. When it to drive two hours to that warehouse gallery to hear you do your poetry and folk music group that you're with even though apparently it was a benefit for get out the vote which we don't have to do anymore. The vote is out. You're thinking I'm not sure you would have drawn more than five people arguably your poetry reading would have been one of the world's safest places and that's truly shitty a terrible too but now the reality start seeping in at Equinox I. I'm excited. I get into spinning class easily. There's really good parking as I enter the club. I slowly become obsessed. The trailer of the movie contagion does flash before my eyes which I told you not to watch because I did now. I can't stop thinking about it instead of waving key club. I now have to check in with my.

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