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Which is what the hero of the movie intracellular continually refers to him as Dr. Walder the same name as the protagonists of the new muppet. Now that what if it was Walter the Muffin, I knew you were a bad guy. Walter, you your your blank affects. Disguise your evil down. Okay. I hate I hate that so much he came in. He took what rightfully was permits. And now everyone's pretending any Jason Segel's, brother. I know. I'm sorry. All right. I'm sorry. I think the freeze frame at the end of the Muppets when they throw Walter up in the unit freeze frames. I was like he gets the freeze. Nobody likes him. And it was like that moment in crystal skull. When Shiloh both puts on India's hat, and I wanted to walk into the screen and slap it off his head. You don't get to do that. Anyway, also in this dream, he sees interest Elba who's playing the character of Roland. The gunslinger interesting that either there's some kind of wild animal in the audience or someone was just thinking about yourselves. Now, Idris Elba. Socking to Dennis verd-. They're both gunslingers. I guess he's like, oh, no we've lost. This is the end. No. And then they say this oath about like, I don't shoot with my gun shoot with my heart or some garbage and asthma. He kills Dennis Hayes burden and he's like Roland do you remove to my magic? And then and then and then it cuts to a shot of an old house and Jake is like he wakes up and goes kind of find that old house. And of course, the post on the message board. Where's that house dot com? Where this house is. There's a moment around here where it or Selbe shoots. Matthew mcconaughey in the back of the head? And he Madonna just pulls the bullet out of the air. And it is so uninteresting. We watched a movie a little bit ago that was filmed in nineteen Ninety-three with shoestring budget with Andrew dice clay in it and that had bullet grabs that were way. More exciting. There's a scene in the later on Monty how to hate catches a bullet. Then hurls it back really fast and the same exact thing happens in this introduce claim movie from twenty five years ago in that movie. I was like that was pretty cool. And this is what I'm like. It looks really goofy..

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