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I think Alabama could make the same argument especially with the red zone offense that hey, we execute here. We don't fall start. We convert this into a touchdown. We don't turn the ball over. It's a different game. And certainly it's it's all easy to say after a loss. But I don't think either Clemson victory. Maybe was. You know as dominant as the final score would indicate because it does come down to those critical plays that the other team didn't make into Clemson credit. They did. Yeah. Going back to the false start think about just kind of the way we felt about the flow of the game at that stage. So so to throws the pick six on Alabama's first offense of possession. Then they follow it with touchdown touchdown. And now here they are. I believe it was second in goal at the one yard line. And it looks like they're about to have three straight touchdown drives against the best defense in the country after a pick six and you're thinking man, Alabama's offense is in control of this game. Clemson, meanwhile, even though the score is closed and actually at that moment, Clemson led fourteen thirteen but Clemson essentially had had one long play which was that was their offense. They had the long was sixty something yours to to to Higgins on the third and fourteen but outside of that offensive -ly they hadn't really done much at this point. You're thinking man this. This is all Alabama. They're seizing control the game and that false start ends up resulting in a field goal and little did. We know that would be the end of the scoring for Alabama. That's amazing. That is absolutely amazing that at that point that was about it for the tide some of that because of their own fault which will get to the field goal is compounded with a kick out of bounds. So they get the ball to thirty five. Clemson six plays sixty five yards with a touchdown twenty one to sixteen Clemson with the lead N was masterful in this game, especially in the first half. And then Alabama goes for it on fourth down at their own thirty four they get it. But then an interception by Trayvon Molin of two in the second one of the night and Ivan. Look Nick Shaban in the fourth down opportunities. He goes for two zone. Thirty four. I wasn't surprised that he did. But it almost set the tone of this is going to be a track. Meet I don't know if we're out scheme. We're certainly not talented, but we're gonna need. We can't be punting the football. Here's almost like they're playing in Oklahoma offense. And they knew it we need to keep going here. We're you surprised at all either with the fourth down or the fact that two it just kind of lob that one up there on the suing play and Mullin was able to pull that one in. Not surprised that that went for it. I thought you know, Knicks got a great sense of how game goes. And we've seen that time after time. I was stunned to of made his decision that he was going to throw that ball downfield before he ever got the ball in his hand. I mean because obviously if there's three guys with one receiver, I think the tight ends we're over there tying their shoes. You know? There was nobody with them but met I mean, guys let's go over what we've discussed so far to this point Alabama through a pick six Alabama missed field goal. I mean, kicked a field goal, and you know, left the all star. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Left four points there Alabama missed an extra point Alabama kicked it out of bounds. Now, Alabama's thrown a second pick. I mean, Adam. The four or five plays away. You know leaves out the part that. This was completely self inflicted. And a lot of ways until it got out of their hands. And Damian Harris had that comment after the game. You know, they for some reason last night they panicked when they fell behind. I just think that this was an I'm not trying to say Clinton didn't deserve to win Clinton. Played one of the great games we've seen but Alabama was just not on their game last night. They weren't. And this is always an interesting discussion that measured to get your guys takes if you'd like whenever Alabama loses. It's because of stuff Alabama did more than what the other team did. And I think there's some truth to that..

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