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For political reasons been done to allow people to say they're being tough on drugs, even though you don't need to be tough on drums and addictive. They're not us that most people who use a recreation. You don't go on rampages. They just tend to. Reflect a little bit on themselves and often come out being better people city. You think that the propaganda was so powerful in the sixties and seventies that accounts for some of the the huge lack time, because it seems that there's actually science now that suggests that yes, these drugs all they can be used for so many conditions in the right sentence setting in the right context and yet. Yet there still seems to be a real lag with the actual drug policy of governments, especially in the UK oversee. Countries like Portugal Canada seem to be ahead of the game here I mean the UK straight. Even more bizarre and PSYCHEDELIC drugs policy don't even allow people to grow native plants in a garden if they make the but many many of Puritan base, Western countries have gone extremely. Oppressive druglords and it's because the lies that were told were powerful. Darwin said full. Sfax are very injurious to science. For the. Long! And the point is people have been lying around these drugs so long that most people now think there must be some truth that. Is No smoke without fire. Why would health professionals in this is health professionals? It's organizations like. The National Institute Drug Abuse in the states. I've told people for forty years I could do. It's a really dangerous drugs I mean. They couldn't all be. There's a sort of sense in which there must be some truth in it, so let's air on the side of caution and let's assume that they're going to be dangerous. Not doing a proper analysis of the risk benefits. And is binary of drugs is. Bad or good is extremely. It's very primitive. It's scientific. and. That's one of the things I've been trying to do..

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