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Here's what's happening around the state on Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. Authorities say the suspected gunmen of the deadly sad news a rail yard shooting had an arsenal of weapons at his home in Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office explained a search found about 22,000 rounds of ammo at a dozen firearms. Suspected Molotov cocktails and cans of gasoline were also found it Sam Cassidy's residents they reward for information about the deadly road rage shooting involving the six year old in Southern California keeps growing. And Leo's was killed earlier this month and a freeway in orange at the reward now stands at $310,000. Apple is releasing a redesigned version of their airpods, Bloomberg says, and you design features a shorter stem on each air as well as a new case design. Apple has also been testing the air pods pro design, ditching the stems altogether and includes a new motion sensing technology used for fitness tracking. That was a quick look at the latest news. I'm Angelico be Oh ha! From the Sacramento traffic. Pity being 9 33 Bob Williams from the cab Trust Traffic center. Two vehicles damaged by an object on the roadway don't know exactly what it is. It is 50 westbound. Just West. The Bradshaw wrote on ramp across the number four and five lanes and try to get traffic break to get this out of the roadway before anyone else has their vehicle damaged. Still some slow going on 80 eastbound is better through Fairfield. Now that's slowing is going to come between 6 80 towards Dixon. And then again after 1 13 to pass riches Boulevard in the Davis area than that we're looking good. It is a maximum enforcement period. CHP is going to be out in force until midnight on Monday. Were they looking for? You're not wearing your seat belt. You driving distracted? Yes. That means you using your cell phone while you're driving. And you under the influence of well, whatever traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Next traffic attended a three from the capitalist traffic center. Bob Williams News 93.1 K Every gang now Sacramento weather And she clawed said, I go, but I low of 53 to 57 a good amount of sunshine before I 85 to 89.

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