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On the I. Heart radio looks like voters here in California, now officially rejected what would have been proper 15 to dismantle the 42 year old cap on property taxes. The update to the vote count that came in yesterday showed prop 15 eyes going down just about 48 to 52% since 1978. Of course, we've limited tax increases to 2% a year until a property is sold, ELISA wrote in as we continue to Our veterans this veteran's day about her grandfather, Robert Kinberg Squadron, 77. U. S Navy. He was an aerial gunner and World War two as well as Vietnam and the Korean War 17 when he joined the Navy, still alive and thriving, today's 97 years old Lives in Arizona Golf's twice a week and cares for his 93 year old waif, she says. He's the most amazing man in person I have ever and will ever meet. Battle of Iwo Jima. His plane was shot down. Landed on enemy lines are Marines found them first and rescued his crew. The next flight up We had won the battle Seal Beach Micro down on Instagram Donald More key wants. Toe owner Donald Mork, a 70 year old farm kid from North Dakota saw the Pacific from a battleship. In World War two. I forgot to mention that both of my grandfather's also are in the military. My grand father on my mother's side was in a supply ship that was in the South Pacific through a lot of World War two ad, he says. Her husband is David Mendez served in the Marines for 30 years now serving at L. A unified as an instructor at Crenshaw High also On honorable service there, That's for sure. If you have anybody that you would like to honor on this Veterans Day, let us know you can e mail it to us Senate Social media, Whichever and will make sure that we mentioned them on the air. It's time for swamp watch. Drain this. We're.

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