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Parents barn and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. You can hear the enthusiasm of the audience who don't often get to have these events out in from country, and you'll even get to hear some great stories from my dad. One reason that special for me to hear this recording from sixteen months ago is that clear and I returned they're just last week for the wedding celebration where we became husband and wife are godmother officiated. The ceremony at a little stone church just down the road from my parents house. Then everybody came back to the same barn to celebrate. I also got introduce my baby so FIU to the donkeys and Hickerson swimming the pond where I grew up, it was a magical weekend, brought everything full circle. The blue tour led me to having a baby getting married and coming back home to my roots. I'll miss the blue dot tour. It was one of the best things that ever happened to me, and I might not be able to repeat it again soon as I settle down the fatherhood. But I do dream that someday. I'll be back on the road. With my babies, collecting stories hosting events and bringing people together. Thanks to everyone who made the tour possible. Thanks to my partners at symposia who worked so hard. Thanks all the hosts who helped us find venues and gave us a roof over our heads and filled the trip with fellowship. Thanks to Lorenzo forgiving platform to share these stories and thanks all of you for listening on that. Note, I'll end these blue dot sessions, the little contest at one of the stops on the tour. I broke down and finally, total story of my own. So if you've been listening carefully, you might have already identified my voice. So for the next two weeks until I release the next episode of the salon dot o. if you shoot me an Email, identifying the city where I shared a story, three of those people receive a free hard copy of one of my cannabis graphic novels as always you can reach me at Pellicer gmail.com. So now please joy. The last storytelling episode from the blue dot.

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