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That is a dismal could have possibly be the worst draft in the nfl of all the teams like is that possible because i think it's really possible why think think you have to consider it given that only one guy is contributing to this team in week while indonesian you think demarcus walker was going to be ready this year to two lease contribute a bit they'll why they are not like him the only knock i heard voiced little bit between her but you can find that you can figure that out the only knock i heard i dragged them in his motor runs out quickly a so throw monther down rights over frustrating mount two eight six zero zero four six lynch or block who do you want to start weeds week sixteen for the denver broncos coming up next we had another amazing turnout for our athlete of the week and whoever one is waiting on the line so we will talk to them next here on extra sports 1300 he's restrained full royal on cbs sports radio as far as taggered eva's all based on money at a big job hameed is in florida guys so he went back to florida state who wouldn't take that job at vote was afforded them i think flores dates a better job than oregon i think most people would say florida state certainly as a richer history in college football the doesn't smell good but that's the way the world who works for roma bunch week nights a to midnight on extra sports 1300.

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