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Hi guys. Welcome to the show. That was amazing. Meghan gaily her hatred of Philip rivers to me is hilarious. I mean I mean to come may be their savior. She's a she's a hundred percent on top of Jacoby. She's like US I. It is so refreshing to hear someone else. Who is that psycho when they watch a game and avid like she has literal hatred in her heart? For Philip Rivers has never met the guy and again he may be great but she's probably right in her heart of hearts. She knows sport. She knows that team she will be. Let down like the rest of called fat by Philip Rivers. I mean I've been a fan of. I've always been a fan of her comedy. But now I'm like okay. We're kindred sports spirits which lead. Watch the colts. I WANNA watch a colts game with her and see how crazy I act and then I wanNA make her watch Michigan game with US and see see. How unbelievable crazy we are all right. Thank you guys for bearing with us in this show we're We got one more voice mail that we got from Bill Walton. We're taking advice from anywhere on how to make it through this quarantine life which gotta know how long my so called quarantine life. I don't know how long it's going to be. But we need advice from everybody and of course the big man in the Middle Bill Walled. Who spent a lot of time with his own thoughts Is going to give us a little bit of advice. Electives voicemail. Check it out sklar. It's your old friend. Bill Walton checking in making sure that you guys are taking good care of yourself. It's a difficult time people cooped up inside whether or not you're surrounded by those you love or surrounded by cans of corn beans and rice. It's all about mind over matter baby and we all know that whether it's on the basketball court or out at a show. No one knows better than I that it is mind over matter. You have to throw it down big man as the grateful dead often saying in here comes sunshine wake of the flood laughing. Water forty nine get out the pans. Don't just stand there dreaming. Get OUT OF THE WAY. Get Out of the way here comes. The sunshine here comes sunshine. Also if I can pass along randy and Jason Some Indica Sativa to help you pass the days and maybe some reality television like moon shiners. One of my favorite shows that shows industry in West Virginia Kentucky Tennessee. These are men not afraid to go into the woods to literally create a good time. Randy Jason I feel terrible for my son. Luke found himself without the end of an NBA season justice his young Sacramento Kings team was rallying vibe being around him. Like the pulsing beats of now. Thea at Deer Creek Randy Jason. I'm doing just fine with my jacker. Rare roll tight in my lazy boy kicked up for my synthetic knees to relax. Stay IN TOUCH BE. Well take care and let the sun the moon and the stars guide you. I'm not gonNA say that's a bad advice Jay. I'm you know set. He knows how to get through stuff and he's giving you a roadmap he's given road map and Sometimes you gotta get accepted. I WANNA thank our producer. Land Romo. Who is helping? Put this thing together. Jason Smith at star Burns and everybody there who is like tirelessly working and figuring out solutions for us to be able to continue to give you guys content. It may be a little bumpy at first but wants to be really figure it out. We're going to just keep giving you stuff every week. I know there's no sports going on but there are no sports going on but we're going to figure out a way to continue to give you are take also if you want something a little bit more. You got more time daily. Listen TO S- clever country the virus pas you check it out drop one in this fee just you can hear it and that subscribed to it and it'll be a youtube page to check it out on Youtube. We love you guys punch waterfalls in do it in peace in singularly you can still out and punch waterfall. If you're feeling prostrated it's just you and nature And try and stay sane love each other listen to everybody when they say stay sequestered in. Quarantine. We've got your view and we are out of great week. We'll see next week lane shot. That would hang wig gang. Thank Morecambe Chris. Breaking the fake. We go both a matter of fact like yours. Bring into gives us like when along a podcast network..

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