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Larry Kruger is joined by San Jose native Kevin Francis on KNBR six eighty these sports friends with you and Shawn Estes is going to join us little later on we'll get his thoughts on the second half of the baseball season which got underway last night weird wasn't just one game in the big leagues last night right a Astros Rangers from the ballpark in Arlington any Intel on why that came down that way or was that a rainout make upper we look at something less than what we have one games I was like these teams must be showcase I thought myself actually watching the one game I have no idea no answer on that one yeah but you know it's weird is that of all the teams that really needed the Thursday off it was the Astros will considering how many guys they had on the all star team exactly what that six zero six guys are they in their older include I mean that's like the one thing you got to be like just like look again we settle this whole thing off by Friday night off sat Friday home run derby you have Thursday could be your your futures game Friday's home run derby Saturdays the all star game Sunday off Monday we get back after it why not I like it I like it I'm I'm a right now it's in Maine maybe the players prefer it this way they get a few more days when they get a few more quiet days of their family you know as much baseball going on at the break but for the fans yeah I I totally agree with you I was watching the MOB network last night and please sack the employee sack for the former brewer pitcher they throughs in his direction review like in the American League wild card race so we we got to have its right now the break yet Tampa about half there's two wild cards Cleveland is your second wild card today please please access he's going he's red Sox and I agree with them hi Kay's red Sox to to get it done but what do you think in India eighties or what again at one and a half out of of Cleveland so their game and a half back of the second wild card spot Boston's to back Texas two and a half back you want to go further down the list the angels are six and a half back but when you think who's who's gonna get those two wild card spots in the American League well let's just go out there and said I'm obviously Tampa is gonna do something if Tampa makes the splash will one starter whoever it may be because I got so much young talent in that minor league system I think they're they're guarantee for me in India while Kerr they're also taught might maybe get a big even though I wonder at it right in the matter even even though I said begin the year I think the twins are gonna run away with that central I'm a go twins so you get the you get the tribe winning the division and you get the Kerr wedding there once in awhile card I think they're way too hot right now and they're gonna be playing for Carlos Carrasco that's interesting they got that built in it adversity you know in some in a play for and your plan for teammate who is battling leukemia and and just you know I think you come together there's that coming together moment I I think Cleveland ends up winning the central even though I picked the twins begin here I can see this happening because of you know things just happen that way and and teams find a way where I mean unfortunately we saw with Boston with Boston strong couple years ago and and the the Boston Marathon bombing they came together throughout that whole entire year in it was a rallying cry and you wonder is this the rallying cry for Cleveland to difference here for ends of the spectrum on this one was an entire city in an act of terrorism and this one isn't you know what we would all cooked consider you know physical terrorism in cancer in leukemia being you know to one of their teammates so I could see that being the rally cry for Cleveland and and and hopefully you know it's a it's a great race that's why the wild cards there is a lot of things you can galvanize room sometimes it's tragedy sometimes of terror as she said sometimes it's a teammate going down that that is that I think that is gonna be really interesting because Cleveland hit the brake on fire in the twins haven't been there before now he came out yesterday the twins their top three guys we were speculating on Royce Lewis and Alex cure aloft and they get a pitcher named Bruce star got a broader role they're not treating those guys they're not train those guys they will move Brent Roker and travel alarm that can smother guys but they're not gonna move yeah they're pre mere guys so that will be interesting to see what they can land in the trade market so be interesting it when Royce Lewis is is available to come to the big leagues for you know a feed graduates in the next couple years where does that put Jorge Polanco because you have an all star offers are as young and and he already has a two game suspension for steroids last year but he came back even so I believe I'm saying that even stronger now he becomes a pretty good get for someone right when they get time to think it over because I think Royce Lewis is still on high a no heat they got time but you never know some of those guys the it clicks and they figured out in now you got to go on now I am in two big time talents you get guys were both all star caliber are that's the card over to the National League wildcard race in this is going to be interesting yeah Washington at the break up a half game for the number one wild card spot your fills are in the second wild card spot today now Milwaukee's own as starts the second half against the giants tonight only a half game behind the Phillies Diamondbacks are only a game and a half behind the Phillies Padres in cardinals to behind the Phillies I mean that is I mean you think the American League wild card race that did the nationally race is going to be really good six teams within two and a half games of Philadelphia it's on for this site would you like now they asked a valley a man MOB network and he chose Arizona and Milwaukee to prevail in the wild card race nationally I would not go Arizona I just I don't believe in Arizona I would I would probably go St Louis can I tell you after this weekend Philly margin lead off right late we have Washington this tonight in a three game series that's gonna be crucial for both teams and our men what I'm gonna go here in this is not an also also is right now there's not a company line for myself in Philadelphia but the fact that they haven't played like all three phases it ain't pitching hitting and defense all together all season there's a run in them and there's gonna be a run with price that we have seen with price had passed in price gets hot he can carry it a franchise for couple months you know there's certain people I would they get hot at Clark I've always thought totally buster hasn't had one of those streaks in three years now three years but when he would get hot it wasn't like two weeks and it wasn't a month it was like a two month like just red hot streak every year ice is that same kind kind of player I'm gonna go Philly good move you guys are I hate this but I've I've said at that I'm sticking with it for the it's gonna be Philly San Diego San Diego at the time ours are the pa the ponders gonna get that ace they're talking about Syndergaard I would not be shocked to the Padres made a play for Baumgartner ponders hit is they have paddock they're trying to ease off his innings right they got up on a project say that's the only reason why I'm hesitate with the potters because they're backing off on some of these guys they don't they don't want to bring up the door they don't need a lefty let's just say that there and that way too many lefties that are all the same type pictures god I wish I was in the division one US plan just a face like four left these mysterious second actually play every day Mike the gore got promoted promoted from from from lake Elsinore the Calhoun double a double header is doubly demons are Amarillo but they want to keep in the minors he is dirty I mean big high leg kick he looks really want what is the the low a measure of fort Wayne I think interest shut us as a state what he's been there for a few years and and and he always tells me is I do we have so much talent and coming up he goes wait till you see because your and the moment you see mackenzie gory going oh god and you put mackenzie gore with Chris paddock in your current god we better get it you know I mean that that's the thing that's going on now so I'm going I'm going Phillies Andres Diego and it all depends on it for me if if this is gonna be that Strasbourg thing right are they gonna shut him down if they get since September and he's at that innings mark are they gonna shut him down and they're like let's say they're in the in the lead for the wildcard let's just say let's say that for the projects they are shut down I know that it's it's it's the million dollar question and then are they gonna lay I think and trade their top prospects to get a big time starter because they've been talking about get the true number one veteran down in San Diego tanker that staff to they do it you know does prowler pulled the trigger on.

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