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They wanted us to give out as a public service announcement when you attend our game night or any zoom function than a hat or any zoom co when you change your name to something like hot NC couple remember on Monday morning you may have a business meeting and your name pops up as hot and see couple There may be some questions just a friendly reminder. Doing this for eighteen years, we've learned a lot and for Larne and myself we have this discussion. It is about the relationships that we have with with everyone that friendships you build the people that you meet just the ability to talk to people who are open minded and open hearted really because it's the H-, the hearts that mean the most it is a life changing community to get into and we value every friendship. We have every person we meet every couple we made You are some of the most amazing human beings. Caney. Right so Sorry. Okay. I'm GonNa Chew Gum because I think it's going to help me. It's going to help me concentrate I. Know I'm going row. Off Script. We value all of those friendships so much and we just wanted to say thank you if you need anything get in touch with us, you know where you can find us right here. We're here for you. We're just sitting around waiting for you to message of. Usually while I'm in the middle of Netflix movie and I'm like my talk. I'll answer you find what pause buttons therefore. So reach out. All right. So now I know that some of that was a little bit heavy dramatic. You might say, so I would like to lighten things up with a little story about sexual assault. Now. It's not about sexual. Saw It is actually about sex it does involve the sex, the s the coitus, but it involves the Nella. I'm not a huge fan of vanilla I mean exponential sacks just follow me here I like Vanilla but sometimes the. Doesn't know what the fuck it wants some time. The LILLA gets very, very confused and I have to explain things to vanilla that all the other flavors out there they have defined themselves but you for some reason are trying to use me to question your sexuality ice. Cream. Person Bonilla. So basically, what happened is we had a couple of people came in to people came in to visit us. At one of them specifically was your friends and this is one of those friends that people have. That are always like, Oh my God and have sex with your husband yet but they're vanilla and you're like very funny. Yeah. But I will stick it in you. So they know what we're into, but they keep everything separate but they still flirt and they still are interested a lot of flirting a lot of flirting a lot of teasing. Yeah and I feel like it's on the lifestyle side to be like just hit the brakes lady. Right. You I mean it's sort of comes down on us. Now that's a fine in August, but you hear it for you know a couple of years and it's a joke and it's funny until. Ice Cream cone gets very, very drunk. Put a little alcohol on that ice cream cone way more courage flom Bay this person is getting drunker and drunker by the second. Yeah. Getting more and more aggressive. We've not spoken to each other since this event happen how many times did I say? No, it's now my God, right but million. Yeah. I, answered for you. Anyway. Thank you like a million it's like nighttime. She's like come on let's all go to the poor me. I'm like. Well, it's nine o'clock at night. You can't go to the pool nine o'clock at night close it's closed not let's go to the pool when I say physically dragging me. Yes to the pool. Yes. I'm like I know this is location be. I. Get now, this is where our little vanilla ice cream cone wants to dirty things. I'm not doing this I'm not going swimming. There are rules in this neighborhood that we live in right pool is closed. It is late their neighbors long story short. We got there there's like seven people hanging out by the. Money I guess they don't have any rose here about the pool I guess you can use it twenty four hours a day do mind you I have been in our little residential pool counting last Summer Zero Times zero. Times I've been inside of that pool I've never really been there have walked past it and said, Oh there's a pool here and that's about as far as data they did know the rule practice the rules. Are the rules so when you come over here. I'll go to the pool the middle and yet. So she dragged me into the pool I mean dragged sort of being dry and she's an attractive attractive person that is in a bikini. Now she looks amazing a fucking became and I'm like this podcast is about meat trying to not have sex with people. So she takes me to the pool. We're sort of floating around there. It happens she grabs macaca. Short sign shorts on. Yeah. Because that's the community pool but that didn't last for a long time does he shoves her hand down into your pampers grandma on the outside I was on the outside, and then what happens to men is he gets it creates excitement blood rushes to that area and your member extends right you three sometimes five times the size. Not, in my case, but sometime, is that true what I learned in school I don't know I mean from cold if we're in the Arctic, you fully hard five times. I don't think that sounds very off. You know not really but it would be interesting to see three inches to eight inches and fifteen inches. Five Maybe three Tosa I'll have to do an experiment we should have did it in the last game? Yeah. We should have pre-measured premeasured women love average pianist game nights such a hit anyway very very quickly as you noticed my member comes out of my shoes soups. Right well, she can handle a hand job that's fine. Not having sex with her just soaking it.

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