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You know, there's a astrophysicist named William H press. There's an Olympic wrestler named William J press, and there's an American talk radio host liberal political commentator and author also named William H he's also a drive all of Famer those other two guys aren't and you can see on CNN regularly, and he is with us on a regular basis. Our good friend the great Bill press back with us. I bill. Hey, those other guys fake news. The real thick of fake astrophysicist. Yeah. Back. Doc goodman. Hey, look, I have a confession to make. Since we since we talked last I was actually in Santa Rosa. That's twice. This weekend. And anyhow, I Carolyn I took our three grandchildren from Inverness to safari west. Oh, isn't that a cool place, man, fabulous? Your or your listeners all your fans have been there. But if not you ought to go out to great, did you stay overnight, one of the tents. We didn't we come back. It's really cool. Well, damn sorry. We missed you again. But we're going to see this week. And as a matter of fact, the Lanny Davis made the reservations at this. It seems to be a pretty expensive Greek restaurant. What does it Kalari? Have you ever heard of it? Larry, I know it. Well, oh, great. I looked looked at the menu today. It looks great. So we shall see Thursday. What he made the reservation because it's in his building. Oh, it is. Yes. It doesn't have to go far. And we're staying on K street. So we're pretty close to so. All right. Good. Go going to be cool. I can't wait. And by the way. Shall we invite invite Lanny's plant, Mike eleven Nadi Michael Cohen? I'm sorry. Michael. I told I told Lanny to invite him, but I don't know. Well, if not we can invite invite breath Cavanaugh he has nothing to do this week. Sweat. We're also having lunch in the congressional dining room. And I'm hoping to see some some folks there that we can laugh at. You will. There are a lot of clouds with the big cats. Man. And by the way, I said this on the air before we got you on the phone Lanny's turned to pay he booked the reservations. Right. The first time he stiffed us, and you had to pay in the next time we paid and then it's history. Yeah. I'm leaving my credit card home. Yeah. I think I will too. Sorry Linnea getting okay, I should know credit card. This is going to be fun. Okay. So gimme your thoughts on the cavenaugh situation. We just had our congressman Mike Thompson on talking about what a circus that it has been and you'd never seen anything like this in all your years in Washington. First of all the hearing the here rings right have been a total total sham. I mean. Yeah. A complete sham. It's the plan was and the Republicans were really hard at it and ramming it through their plan. They were going to vote last Friday and a committee vote Saturday on the full Senate Sunday that were gonna swear him in and today, he was going to have this black robes on the on the bench. Yup, right now. Fortunately, a couple of women saved the day by confronting Jeff flake. But still here's what I worry about. Now, I'm afraid this FBI investigation is going to be a sham. You know? I personally started out they were going to they're going to talk to four people. They weren't even gonna talk to Jewish wet the third woman with very credible accusations against against Cavanaugh. They weren't even gonna talk to Dr for herself. I didn't think they were gonna talk to capitol. So it's just going to be as, you know, just I don't know a drive pie. If you will. Now, it looks like under pressure. They're going to expand it a little more, by the way. I just saw just just not just the lawyer Mark judges lawyer confirms that he is talking to the FBI speak. Yeah. I just saw that too. So that that is happening. But and then this guy from North Carolina came forward. So we have to remember this is not here's what my hope is. This is not a court of law. They don't have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. All they have to do is prove is raised enough questions about Brad Kavanagh, veracity and character and temperament to give people like Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Jeff flake, and Joe Manchin a good enough excuse to vote. No, right. And so I. I'm not real real hopeful. But I think it could happen. Visit nailed down there. Again. They don't have to nail down. They help down the cavenaugh and judge and this and Christine Ford were in the same place ever at the same house ever at the same party ever to me. That's enough. To to nail this guy because he couldn't he claims. Of course, he never saw never newer writing out. Yeah. And that's lying to congress, and that's a felony. Yeah. So yeah, let's not forget. He lied to congress about a lot of other stuff before she even testified. He had lied about his he had lied about his role in the torture memos from the Bush White House. He lied about some of the judges said he helped that in the Bush memos. He lied about these emails at the Pat he asked him about so here already lie. They just sort of look the other way. But. I'm Mitch McConnell. No doubt. He's still going to ram this through. But he may just may find he doesn't have the votes at the end of the week. You know, what really stood out for me in Kavanagh's opening remarks the other day, he brings in the Clintons, and the Democrats, and it makes it totally political in the supreme court's not supposed to be political. Although we know it it often is, but I thought that was telling his hell. Well, yeah. Certainly. There are Republicans on the court. I mean starting with the chief Justice, but. The supreme court has never been as openly blatantly political as as Cavanaugh. I mean, the whole thing about going on Fox News with his wife. You know, he looked like a candidate who got in trouble. Mike, you know, like Bill Clinton victory Knicks fan or whomever and his opening. Donald trump. Could have and probably did. Right. Those opening remarks right accusing the Democrats of Clinton's revenge. Every Jesus saying you better watch out. We're going to get you. What comes around goes around? Lindsey Graham, Lindsey Graham going ballistic has always entertaining though. Oh, Lindsey Graham and Kate McKinnon. Yeah. Beautiful hidden secret, Lindsey Graham, I think forget that. He cannot go from McCain Republicans to a Trump Republican Trumper total Trumper overnight and have any soul or any credibility left. You know what I mean? Discussing right. So. Cavanaugh is think about all the cases he would have to recuse himself from if there's anything where there a lot of cases are brought by democratic senators challenging certain laws or things, you know, he's have to recuse himself from all of those people could demand that. So I I think he'd have to recuse himself from anything having to do with sexual assault or. Women's issues women's rights, basically. Yeah. So the more that more and more comes up just this guy does not have a character or or the temperament to be on the supreme court, the United States and. I just hope just all we need is to Republicans to see that. And we're back to ground zero. You brought up you brought up Kate McKinnon that Saturday Night Live called open was one of the greatest things I've ever seen in my life. Matt damon? Matt Matt Damon killed it. I don't know what the word stop the. That was amazing. Well, we gotta talk about your new book. You're just you're just pumping. These books out, buddy. Oh man to a year. That's it. Well, this one I love this. Trump must go the top one hundred reasons to dump Trump and the one reason to keep them. I can't wait to hear what the one reason is. But first of all I have to apologize because there are more than a hundred reasons. Right. I mean, I know. If I had to exercise my publisher forced me to exercise a little discipline and keep it to one hundred. That's why we say that top one hundred reasons, but. On my website, Bill press, show dot com website, you can add your own reasons. So people have been adding reason hundred fifty already I mean today on this whole, welcome almost Friday. This whole thing about climate change the latest thing that he did. I it's another one that I just added. So it's a lot more than a hundred. But you know, I seriously I want to delay the case where people have to see this as a companion to the Woodward Woodward book, right? It'd be Woodward. Talked about the chaos inside the white out. I talk about in document all the damage that this guy is done in less than two years damage is gonna take us decades to recover from. And I think people have to know what that case is and start moving on the first the first step is really take back the house and the twenty seven in these midterms coming up in about thirty days. That that we're really big block at Donald Trump's way. And if Democrats and get back to the Senate to then you could stop all these judicial appointments, and and also by the way clock anybody else from the supreme court. So so, you know, I just wanted to wake people up and and make the case for Donald Trump. Now one reason. Yeah. The one reason to keep them. Well, it could be because he's good for ratings for people like you. It could be because he's been good for Democrats. There are more Democrats running for office turning out to vote, you know, than ever write checks and never before. But the reason I chose is Mike Pence, Mike, I'm afraid he comes across as calm and reasonable. You know, sort of middle of the road every and he's not he's an X number one. These extreme right-winger. He's a true believer. Where Donald Trump is not right. And also also having served in congress. Particularly I think he'd be more effective in getting some stuff done. Right. So be careful what you ask or you might get it. So I asked Maxine Waters about that. By the way. Really, I I said, Maxine who peach Trump we're gonna get stuck with that Pence. Thanks. What time let's get rid of Trump never will go after pets. You know, my problem. Pence scares the hell out of me and. As a fellow talk show host. You know that he is not going to be entertaining like Trump. So no us up, right? That's right. That's right. Yeah. One of the reasons for keeping this because for the news biz right all the cable channels, and and talk radio like you me. It's been a gold mine. Every freaking day. I'm waiting. I'm waiting for a slow day. We haven't had one in the last eighteen months, and this is a great time move. We realized we're lucky that we're coming to DC this week because between cavenaugh in the midterms and all the mayhem going on. This is going to be fascinating. You know, that's three days away. You realize all this could happen. In the next few days. I'm sure it will be talking about all the new stuff at launch on Thursday. But I'm sure well when I finished my show Friday morning. They had that sham of a hearing on Thursday. And then they just ignored all of it. And they were going to vote, you know, and it was particularly when flake came out and said he was gonna vote. Yes. I just figured. Be held. It's all over that's over by the end of the day on Friday. Holy mackerel. That was one thing. One thing we have to remember and kind of gets lost in the shuffle. Here is despite all of that the judiciary committee did vote to recommend him to the floor. So. Yeah. He is he's going to the floor within that eleven to ten recommendation from the Senate Judiciary committee despite all of her testimony despite all the allegations despite all the question despite an FBI investigation. They still voted eleven to ten. Yeah. So. It's not as good as as maybe it looks on the surface. Okay. Yeah. The Bill press show dot com is the website, and you can hear the Bill press show at that website..

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