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The better family in Aurora and Patricia Smith of Lakewood these brutal murder cases haunted the police investigated them and for more than thirty four years. On at the families and the victims to the core now Aurora police chief Nick. Met says there is a suspect fifty eight year. Old, Alex Christopher Ewing doing time in a, Nevada prison recently the battle started Taking DNA samples from inmates. Ewing sample, was posted to the national database and there. Was a match. Within a day Jefferson County DA Pete we're. Says there will be a request now to extradite doing to Colorado Justice in this case has been delayed but I'm confident that Justice. Is not going to be denied Jerry bell KOA. NewsRadio go to KOA NewsRadio dot com to get more on the story and see a picture of the suspect the western slope group club twenty says a surrogate is just not good enough they will not allow democratic gubernatorial candidate Jared police to send Lieutenant governor Donald linen as his surrogate in a debate against. Republican candidate Walker Stapleton it's happening September eighth cub twenty executive director says police's decision not to honor the citizens of the western slope is simply. Outrageous and they continue to ask for his reconsideration to be in the debate investigators, are looking into several cases of salmonella from the. Arapahoe, county fair last This. Morning we had seven cases that that were tested positive for salmonella that had had been present at, the fair Dr Bernard at Albany's with the Tri county health department, says the, victims are children and adults none of the cases are severe they could have gotten the salmonella from, animals food or water that was contaminated by animal feces the. White House. Is pushing back against an upcoming book written by former Trump aide morose arose secretary Sarah Sanders says the forthcoming book by former Trump aide Omarosa manigault Newman is quote riddled with lies and false. Accusations she added quote it's sad that a disgruntled former White House employee is trying to profit off these false attacks the book which is titled. Unhinged insider's account of the Trump White House will be released on Tuesday Arlit signs ABC news the White House Rockies in dodgers tonight a Coors field coverage starts at six first pitch at six forty. Wall Street all negative today with the Dow down one hundred ninety. Six point It's the s. and p. five hundred lost twenty in. The NASDAQ losing fifty two and. A half our next news update is at. Two thirty I'm Susan Witkin KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four.

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