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Factor to consider broadcasting tonight from south west Florida, which I love Florida's a well run state. There's no income tax. There's no state tax. There's about a million more residents in Florida. And then state of New York, let's compare the state budget for the state of Florida that provides great services friendly people is about ninety billion dollars a year state of Florida ninety billion state of New York. Well, that would be one hundred eighty billion dollars almost twice as much. So it takes the state of New York twice as much money to run the Empire State as opposed to the sunshine state that has Florida has a million more people. So why is the how's it possible that you can have one state for the state budget of one hundred eighty billion with fewer people than Florida that a state budget of ninety billion when Florida's got more people it's because the Democratic Party has largely been in charge of New York what for the past thirty or forty years and state of Florida. Largely is a red state. I can't recall the last democratic governor might have been Graham Lawton child's. I'm not sure who it was. But it certainly the idea of running Florida in a insipid conservative fashion is kind of ingrained in the way Florida exists in the way, Florida runs compare that to California house, California, run comparative, data, Texas or Florida significant differences businesses want to expand businesses want to go to Florida businesses. Want to go to Mississippi, South Carolina. They want to go to Georgia. They don't want to go to California. They do not want to go to Illinois. They do not want to go to New York New jersey, and it's because of high taxes high rules and regulations, and the fact that government is too oppressive. Then a cost too much new business. There's too many labor unions was stupid rules. And so if you're a business owner, you want to locate in Texas when locate in Florida to locate in Mississippi, South Carolina, maybe north or South Carolina, which is changing a little bit metastasized. And by metastasized thing, I mean Californians who leave to go to Nevada take with them their politics. Sadly, and they're running away from California because of the results of democratic policies, then they moved to Nevada, and they vote what they vote democratic. How's that possible? How stupid is that? I think it's real stupid. I mean, it's real stupid do that kind of stuff. But it's what they do. It's unfortunate. Exactly. What's occurring? And so. The services in Florida are as good or better than the services in New York. But New York is twice the cost of Florida with fewer people because the democratic policies and democratic ideals. One other quick note is that since two thousand fourteen which wasn't exactly the dark ages what five years ago, the city of New York under the leadership, but de Blasio is spending twenty five percent more money than his spend in two thousand fourteen including a plan three billion dollar increase this year, even as income tax collections are declining by billion so because New Yorkers voting with their feet and leaving New York absolute leaving New York. In spite of that of de Blasio is increasing the spending a New York by about three billion dollars when income tax revenues are gonna go down by about one billion dollars. So New York right now Cuomo's complaining about New Yorkers, leaving guess what people aren't stupid. They don't wanna pay high taxes with few government services. That are productive and good. They wanna go to somewhere that has less taxes less regulations. Let more ability to be entrepreneurial and take care of business. And so it's kind of sad that when New Yorkers moved to Florida instead of them leaving their politics at the border. They bring the politics with them and begin voting for Democrats, which is why the governorship in the Senate in in Florida, barely stayed with the Republican party for so many people have moved so many people who moved out of California, Nevada, Utah Arizona, they take the politics with them. And as a consequence those states have become blue states. I can't conceive, of course, California's gone. I can't conceive Nevada. Arizona utah. New mexico. Colorado state's were Californians have moved taking with them. Their politics is selling going to become a purple or red state, simply not going to happen. So let's continue if a becomes available. We have two lines open now. One eight six six six four seven seven three three seven eight six six six four seven seven three three seven coming up later. We have Kevin Jackson on the debacle happening in Virginia. Which when governor Ralph Northam Lieutenant governor, Justin Fairfax and attorney general Mark herring..

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