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You to be a leading actor time right. I'm talking about the business. People i say and then we get word that you are that you liked the script and wanted to meet just to know that it wasn't all bullshit or something that's what they had said to us and and john. The director trusted david me instead of john. Coming going to meet you. Because he was he was like bryan. And dave. do you guys want to get a plane. And we're norton so which was super cool of him to do as a direct right to trade. Yes yeah even has no nothing. And it's kind of a very montana laconic. It's a very clint eastwood move. Actually it's it's sort of like you know. I care but not that much. That's like and maybe you know it sort of like it'll be what it'll be coached us up but then there's the part that i want to target so we get to cal l a text you or call you and you say come over to my house. We're going to take you to a poker casino. We're going to you and you should come to my house and you gotta remember as i'm sure you remember everything on your first movie. I remember every detail of everything that happened on that film. And we let us in your house and very warm and welcoming you immediately said. I'm working on something. This is the first thing you did. did you go. i'm working on something. Can i just show you guys. Ten minutes of footage without telling you anything about what you did know and also i didn't have a house lead was no it was at your house. I don oh it was drew. Barry humor staying out borrowing her house. Because i remember we walked in and on the right. That's where the mark halperin book was against the front of the. I remember the whole thing yet. So you go and you had. The room had very little furniture but there was that one there was a tv. Yes and you go here. Just watch ten minutes of footage and you fucking played us. The first ten minutes of american history acts oak. I'd really yes you did and you were like i know because we just written this movie and you were like hey tell me this works because you were when you editing it then yeah and and so literally walking you know you that i don't know your goofball in certain ways and you're like us and your i've context other than the three move race and walk into your house at the curve. Stop and then you turn around and get arrested all jacked up. And then you're like so guys you think works that'd be remember just like holy fuck. What am i dealing with like. What's this fucking but you were in this incredible spot. What did it feel like to be with us. But i'm really interested in this right and then you were amazing right. We went out together. Went to poker by the end of the night. It was an and this happened with matt. I mean did happen to the four of us by the end of that thing. We were all like family in a certain way and so these bonds have stayed for so long. But what did it feel like to be you in that moment. Men after those three movies and sort of making his american history x and you know having arrived in california now at that spot in in in your life. What what did it feel like. I have to sort of think back on. I mean i guess we're talking about. I feel like we the only thing that's strange about that is that we we made rounders. We rehearsed it. In the fall of nineteen ninety eight no came out ninety eight. It was ninety seven. Oh i know it was the end of ninety. We started filming december. Right kind of fight club in ninety. Well well okay. So that makes it make more sense. Yeah we may we made. You're right it was early on in in like the post process of american reacts. It's late ninety seven and i. Yeah so an interesting thing had happened right. Then which is i was supposed to. I was gonna do the original incarnation of the runaway jury. That fall but what had happened. There was a lot a lot that year is pretty wild year because in the spring the previous year everything i did had come out. All in one wave took primal. Fear came out in the same. I know ninety six was primal fear. The fall and in the fall was larry flint. At the new york. Film festival and woody allen's movie there and then the oscars was in the spring of ninety seven cetera. But my but my mother passed away. In the spring ninety seven Literally like two weeks. Before the oscars. And i was i was pretty i. I was all these when you talk about like. Oh you know he's not going to do is supporting part in their queuing him up for big things. And what's the mode you're in but the thing was i had just like i just had dry. I dumped off of doing everything because like when my mom died. I was basically like my dad needed help of course and i had been. I had been away working a lot..

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