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Sports special the most provocative comments of the week may have come from hall of fame defensive back rod woodson the former raider and forty niner in pittsburgh steeler who was defensive backs coach under jack del rio with the raiders what's in appeared on fox sports one and decided to weigh in on the changes with the raiders i don't want to sound like a scorned lover because i was fired by the raiders i love mark davis love the davis family but we sense a big but but you can't tell me you got rid of michael crabtree and you put jordy nelson in the air and jordy nelson's better to michael crabtree that's a lie and i love derek carr dairy cars rogers all right so that's clearly different you can't tell me he bring in doug martin and they're better football team wait there's more crabtree was the he was the glue to that offense because he gave them a backbone he gave them toughness jordy nelson i'm going to give them that derek carr is not going to give them that what about the new head coach jon gruden i understand gruden wonderful and on his in his tv gig he did a lot of great things as a coach when he went to one fifty three percent of his game woodson skeptical the good can live up to his ten year contract a hundred million i'm hoping mark davis had some house because my question would be how many super was he have to win for one hundred dollars you give that deal to bill belichick but to jon gruden woodson wasn't impressed with gruden's old school approach he said he's gonna take back in one thousand nine hundred eight good luck with his luck to that because these these guys are millennials millennials work but he wanting to.

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