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Trae lance so what fans want to see in san francisco and what fans will see in san francisco to me or different things. My strongest opinion of all the quarterbacks this weekend is trey. Lance needs a lot more days in the batting cage. He was really uneven. Really sloppy occasionally brilliant. But let me throw this at you in the last five hundred eighty three days. Now just let that bake almost two years right in the last five hundred eighty three days trae lance after this weekend has completed twenty passes in five hundred eighty three days and it shows. I know you'll want jimmy garoppolo to watch trae lance play trae lance. It can be argued needs to take every snap for the entire preseason folks. There's a big difference between you cracking a few jokes in front of friends. You're funny and headlining at caesar's palace for an hour and a half notes. That's the nfl. Trae lands is not ready. He will be he could be. The coach is good but it would literally be remarkable if trae lance with twenty completed passes in two years walked into the nfl in the nfc west toward up. I mean that would be. There's no precedent for that. That kid just needs wraps you can see the town. He's big. he's athletic. He can move. He's got a big arm. But when you start adding in how little these played. How complex offense is the expectations. The division is the nfc west trae lance needs to play the preseason every snap and probably should not play in september and if he's playing in september garoppolo got hurt like that. This is not an indictment against context. But when i watched him he was the most uneven. High low should've had a couple balls intercepted. It's not his fault. I mean if. I take a week off from doing this show first day back. I'm rusty five hundred. Eighty three days. Trae lands has completed twenty passes. His college program was powered team. It's like alabama where the quarterback important but not crucial. You go watch oklahoma football. The quarterback everything baker. Mayfield cuyler murray spencer. Rattler you watch north dakota state football. it's alabama. they're going to win pretty much. Whoever's playing quarterback kyle shanahan talked about trays opening performance there are some good and bad. I mean by no means. Perfect definitely missed a couple couple of spots. Like i'm going to different places sometimes. Couple balls that He would sailed on. I think he'd like to have back good first. Didn't want it to go perfect for him. Be sure to catch. Live editions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern nine. Am pacific on fox. Sports radio one and the iheartradio app. Have you ever watched a classic film and thought wait. Was that bad pasta. Popcorn is a new movie review. Podcast for the common moviegoer from stanford educated idiots. cnn jayco. that's me and me liana halston. Must we celebrate things created by four and with straight white men tossed popcorn yanks the classics off their pedestal. With blunt irreverence genuine confusion and a whole bunch of witty banter. It'll be funny but in a hot way tune in as we review a different film each week from af is one hundred greatest movies list and slowly lose our minds. kernels will fly as too tired. Women throw their hands up and exasperation than yell. This won the oscar. Here's looking you gone with the wind. Wait isn't that line from a different movie. Dude why would i know that. Good point glistening subscribed to toss popcorn on iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. Hey.

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