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Is mark. Clark is the same, Guy Yeah. Yeah. No I. It's interesting because. Chris got braces. Then you got braces and what's funny is I had been looking at it. Beginning of the year is always. The two, thousand twenty, it was gonNA be my year. It was going to be my self improvement year I was going to get enhancements plastic surgery. I was trying to look like the kindle. Guy. The guys like the Philippines that they model. Back. Yeah and we'll look at you will look better though you have a small. You have a small petite body more than he does, right? Right exactly. I did and I don't have to have ribs removed to make my side look thinner I'm already that. Work out really well for me. Can you imagine like Yeezy even more thinner? Yeah. He mad at you. Right. I would look like, Kim, a mini can right. A mannequin. and. I have avoided brace because for me. Nothing's ever easy. It's like I can't just walk in like you didn't say, Hey, Hey, those braces right there on the back shelf I, put those on and I'm going to walk away. That's how easy it was for you for me. The whole thing I had wisdom teeth pulled ten years ago because I have. I have my dad's mouth with my mom's teeth and so it's like Mr Ed in there but no room at the end. And So but I have never had a cavity I have perfectly healthy everything's healthy. And but I wouldn't get the wisdom teeth removed. It was the worst thing in my life I woke up during surgery Oh, my God it it I'll use surgically removed. Yeah. Because like to out. One was impacted in one was like trying to come out. Because mine. All four mind they didn't have to do anything like that. And then does yanked. I. WanNa be I don't WanNa I. DON'T WANNA be awake if they're pulling any T I was at all I don't want to do that. We. Had just like.

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