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Purpose might work with with athletes. You know, there's there's PT's on the medical staff for the New York Yankees. But physical therapists work with all people of abilities level. So this is actually a language issue. That's right in the heart of of my role to physical therapy is they're they're talking about disability being people who who might be born with with something that we've preclude them from doing something versus an injury. So they've actually separated that so now. Yeah. Now, referring to it as the I L now, what did we Ridgely bring me in for the labor them. That's whatever he wants to know. So the shoulder and the hip are both ball and socket joints. I think we can really visualize that if you ball up one fist, and you and you cut your other hand over it. That's the ball and socket. The hip is a really really deep ball and socket when you hear someone dislocating a hip that's a devastating injury. Just like Bo Jackson when he dislocated his hip which led to his career shortening injury. But the shoulders also technically a ball and socket. Joint. And it's but it's not as deep as the hip. So I was I was taught it's really easy to visualize. It's more of a golf ball on a Gulf te- that technically is still a ball and socket joint. But it's not as deep and the labor comes in as kind of a gasket, it's this cartilage ring that helps to deepen the golf tee around the golf ball. If we're using that analogy for the shoulder and the issue with the labor, MS throwing overhead, and this is where you get a little league coaches trying to limit innings in players. It has a lot to do with elbow health. But also shoulder health is that labor is this cartilage ring that helps deepen that socket..

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