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I don't fear gravity. So it would make sense. Oh, I got. I got one for you. Did you ever do you ever get worried when you cupping bitcoin address the accident, we hit a key? And you don't realize you send it to the wrong address. I have news for you. Because bitcoin addresses checks. Yeah. So if you get one character wrong, it won't be a successful transaction ever. It won't go to address the bitcoin nodes. We'll check like the last. I think I don't know does as of four three three or four bites of the code is actually the check some of the public. And so it takes that off checks to make sure that the key is correct. Based on the previous part of the thing. And if it's not it'll project the transaction. So it'll just sit in the pool for a while. And then get rejected at some point different. Now, if you not do that. Why don't theory of address do that check? They there's a check some associated with the capitalization of the letters. So there is a form of check summing. But it doesn't do it the same way if not as robust why they did it. I'm not sure I want to interview who's lost so much theory because they got one character wrong. You'll never get them because they dove off. Didn't nose dive off of them bridge. Somebody stupid ways to lose money in the space. Crazy. Yeah. Yeah. It's parts of the darker. That I have is is in my my antivirus. So what a computer doesn't update in this accident copied the wrong address? Well, I haven't couple the wrong address, my computer's been compromised, and I pay in address in and it's wrong. I think that's international because I'm relatively in a safe when it comes to antivirus and checking bits and pieces, but I'm always worried that some fucking thing is going to steal my bitcoin. How many times you check back and forth, and you're like sending a transaction one that you actually put into action the window dot copied. I'll yeah, I'll I'll often I'll copy I'll copy it into text copied into what I'll copy it onto a page. And then usually I'll be like, yeah. Okay. I haven't fucked it up. I do the same thing. I still like I still have kinda worried that I've I've somehow stood up the copy and paste method, and that's so much to lose the money. But more like I'm not going to get done when I was trying to get done and have to spend the rest of their life. An inconvenience more money using using crypto the the more time slows down when you're sending over here. Yeah. It's so fast. Once you actually get the transaction done. But it takes a while to get that transaction. Correct. The one point when I when I used to trade, many moons ago and some of those transactions were little bit larger than like, you know, you're sending back and forth. Playstation four's. Right. It's not they're not tiny transactions. But every time you do it is just like an and people talk to you doing it mobile phone because you know, of these extreme and people are trying to talk to you. And you just like what would you like d-? What are you even listening to us? And I'm like, dude, I am in my own book and world right now just need to make sure I didn't send three PlayStation four somewhere and not back. All right. So. I guess some news for you d the sixty million light coin has just been mind, and we contributed to that..

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