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There are reports of toppled buildings in several cities a new state law will cap the monthly cost of insulin for patients starting next year the law will limit the monthly copay for insulin two hundred dollars Megan Blair pushed hard for the captain says it's a relief I've had to ration my insulin due to the fact that I cannot afford my thirty day supply that cost eighteen hundred dollars I've been in and out of the hospital close to being in a diabetic coma more than one student not taking my medication like I should not because I wanted to but because I had no choice but to ration insulin I did have an estimated one point three million are living with diabetes in Illinois and now WGN sports here's Kevin pal thank you Kim sports brought to you by Xfinity stop by the Xfinity booth at socks fast for giveaways photo ops and surprise appearances live from a sold out socks fest here McCormick place fans continue to violent we'll hear from a recon and recurrent to Rio they're hosting a white Sox town hall with the fans about half an hour live coverage from successful weekend here on WGN in WGN radio dot com bowls would be without Lowry marketed for a least a month the team says I miss four to six weeks with a stress reaction in his right hip pulls taking on the kings that I college basketball Purdue facing Wisconsin in the big east number thirteen Butler host Marquette Tiger Woods one under through sixteen holes in his second round of the farmers insurance open S. Torrey pines of course is one eight times at Tigers for under for the tournament six back of a leader Ryan Palmer live from Saks Fifth Kevin Powell WGN sports your money on WGN the Dow closed down one hundred seventy points today nasdaq down eighty seven the S. and P. five hundred down thirty the volatility index of the CBO we up a point and a half crude oil settled a fifty four dollars thirty six cents on a dollar twenty three corn wheat soybeans all down today I'm Kim Gordon on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN deep winters here the walk from the two party with a mad house seems to take extra long the dusting of snow coats the statues inside termination clock is ticking it's too late the shift WGN eating working living pain free these are a few of the things many of us take for granted yet for many United States military veterans finding and affording oral health care is a challenge many of.

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