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Again. Don't forget we're out and about on Friday it's her first live show event for the Waddle and Sylvie Shell. Since February of 2020. There is the last time we did a That's I'm probably the last time I saw Michael Wilbon. Really, I'm trying because you know, I was out of the office for he came in for a bears game and did a show with you. I don't think I've seen WILBON in person since that Chicago cut show. Charles Barkley, right. All four of us were together. Yeah. Um, we've had some good, um, like in person moments. We went to a A Blackhawks game with Michael. We had a great Super Bowl dinner with Great Super Bowl dinner with Mike. We were again and then we were with him when he got into the Hall of Fame, or at least was announced the Basketball Hall of Fame. So we're going to be out on Friday, calling all all Western suburbanites we're going to be at crosstown Pub and Grill in Naperville. Have a world famous wings. Yes, that's what I'm told. It's Miller time and wing time and you'll see Sylvie was and grill big face full of wings all over his face for four hours during the whole show. Yes, you know, you do have to wash your hands often with that we were because shaking hands then you're going to eat your wings. You got a lot of hand washing that day. Friday. July 16th. That's this Friday 99 East Ogden Avenue, So I brought to you by Miller Lite. We will also be giving away Sox tickets. It's going to be a hot ticket here in the second half of the season, and we're going to give away a Miller lite cooler. So the coolest part of this whole thing, too, is just Being out and about together again. It's a Friday in the summertime. It's Miller time, and we want to see you with us at crosstown Pub and Grill in Naperville will be nice to press the flesh. Can I wish you a happy anniversary to someone Can I would like to a lot of people actually happy anniversary to Sox fans today. You know what happened four years ago on this day you they traded Left handed pitcher Jose Quintana to your favorite team for Dylan Cease Eloy Jimenez and a couple of other pieces. This is the Make good for the Sosa, George Bell deal. Back in the day, The Cubs traded George Bell, who had a good year, the year they traded him think they went to the plast. The year they traded and Sosa came to came to the Cubs. This was a make good for that. This is one of the best trades and whites accessory. Santana was dealing at the time that they traded controlled and not only did they feel they were making a trade for a guy. That was going to give them a boost in the rotation because he was dealing. He was under their control to reasonable rate for the next two years. Right So it was almost like you make the trade. And you don't have to go out in free agency at the end of the year as well. Because you don't. I mean, you were it allowed you to go right? And that's how they got Darvish. Correct so that Dar vicious price came down the year he was a free agent, so they thought they were getting like a two for they had a controlled Jose Quintana. Along with still Jon Lester and everyone in Cal Hendricks. And then they got Darvish in contended to go alongside of them. You thought they were setting this thing up to go to a couple more times to the World Series. The biggest mistake they made wasn't necessarily this trade. It was not trading for Verlander. That was the one sort of there to me. There have been two crossroad moments for the Cubs. Oh, I know what they are. Can I guess the other one. The other one is not resigning. Nicholas Castan, right? When they were faced with the dilemma of Hey, Verlander wants to be a cub. I think he was struggling that year with a five e r A. And I remember Jeff Miller was saying to us the whole time You want Verlander? It's worth a shot here. Yeah, with Verlander. And the Cubs decided not to make the move. They made another deal with Detroit that year, and not the Castano Steel for the catcher. Remember that and they chose not to trade for Verlander, and instead they traded cease and the Loi Along with Matt Rose, an infielder Bryant fleet. For Jose Quintana four years ago today. Thanks, clubs. That was stinging right now. I know But look, every team's got him. I mean, the socks. All the sacks fans have to do is turn on the TV tonight and watch Fernando Tatty ease. That's true, you know, and we've all got them. They're there. All these general managers even when they're good. They have made some bad deals or deals that look.

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