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Iranian ships tried to intercept British edged tanker in the Persian Gulf. We'll talk to a member of the House Armed Services Committee about that but first. Let's go to Bill Cairns with a check on the severe weather headed toward the Gulf Coast Bill O. Good Morning Jimmy go all eyes are on New Orleans Louisiana. That's WHO's GonNa get hit the worst and yesterday it was bad enough. The appetizer of the storm dropped six to ten inches of rainfall and overwhelmed the pump system in New Orleans widespread flooding was reported a lot of that has been cleared out now with the pump system but additional rain an additional flooding is expected in the city so let's get to the storm. It's still a disturbance. It is not yet a depression that should happen later today. The Hurricane Center then thinks you should become a tropical storm in about twenty four hours in about forty eight hours from now become a category one hurricane became just south of southern Louisiana notice that we've taken Houston out of this. It's mostly Louisiana problem and a rainfall problem in areas of Mississippi and here's my greatest concern. Here's the storm surge forget you don't need a powerful hurricane to cause problems with rainfall and would search notice the winds. This is one o'clock Saturday right up the mouth of the Mississippi River. That's what we're most concerned with. The New Orleans area to forecast here has it at twenty feet the levees a lot of the levees are at twenty feet in New Orleans that would mean the possibility of overtopping shopping at this point. We think the levy system should hold up. It shouldn't break like it didn't Katrina but overtopping. If it overwhelms the pumps we could see additional flooding so we'll find out what's going to happen with the storm and the next two days we will give you more updates as the storm begins to strengthen and possibly becomes <unk> Hurricane Berry Hi. It's Katy Tur WanNa keep up with M._S._N._B._C. While you're on the go subscribe to the M._S._N._B._C. daily newsletter. You'll get the best of what you've missed. During this unprecedented era of news text M._S._N._B._C. Two six six eight six six to subscribe Katty Kay you're in London. I'm curious what the reaction is to the United States pressuring the British government to get rid of their ambassador making step down and also.

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