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Now on Amazon. Alexa open the k. g. o. eight ten skill good afternoon I'm Nikki medoro a Dearborn. Michigan man arrested on the ISIS battlefield in Syria. And Iraq has been charged with terrorism Ken Rogulski is at a federal court. In Detroit Ibrahim Asaba was arraigned on a single count at. Providing material support to ISIS one of the world's most violent terrorism's US attorney in, Detroit Matthew, Schneiderman explains why bond was not granted yet the government's requested a detention hearing and typically in any case. Detention hearings requested either, because the person's a danger to the. Community or a flight risk and in this case you could see both could be. Potentials the twenty eight year old Mugabe is. A naturalized American citizen and a high school dropout. Who worked at. His father's perfume shop family members say he has no ties to terror Ken Rogulski Detroit the State Department says the United States has decided to release. One hundred ninety five million dollars, in, military aid To Egypt. After withholding the assistance last. Year over human rights concerns the department says Egypt has taken steps in response to specific. US concerns although there are still areas of concern. On human rights and governance the US suspended the aid back in August of, two thousand seventeen the secretary of state at the time Rex. Tillerson said he was not able to certify that Egypt had met the human rights, criteria set, by congress in order to receive the American assistance Egypt responded angrily and called the decision a quote misjudgment. Of the nature of, the strategic relations that have bound the. Two countries for decades San Francisco police commander Greg McGregor and his asking for your. Help in identifying the suspect who shot and. Killed Mitchell Warren two years ago in San Francisco. We bring Justice. To Mitchell warn in, for some closure to is still grieving family the motive is still part of the investigation We have interviewed a number of people on this so what we need at this point is the identity of the. Suspect and we think that with that will be able to piece it all together and determine whether what the motive was in what was. Exactly behind this incident Warren was fatally shot in September of two thousand. Sixteen on Ellis street between Larkin and poke there's news report is, sponsored by fair fair is a new app where you can get. A car but you're not locked into. A traditional loan or lease you drive it as long as you want and bring it back at any time that's fair download the fair up now. And find your car we'll check the roads and your weather forecast next on k. g. o..

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