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The same place for the same purpose one eighteen may eighteen sixty three union general Ulysses grant's routed Vicksburg the last Confederate stronghold of the Mississippi River in one of the most brilliant campaigns of the war begins in the winter of eighteen sixty two sixty three grant made several attempts to capture of Vicksburg in March he marched his army down the west bank of the Mississippi well unilateral David Porter's flotilla ran past substantial batteries the protected the city they went south of the city the grand cross the river into Mississippi he then moved north to approach Vicksburg for much more widely defended eastern side in may he have to split his army to deal with the threat from Joseph Johnson's rebels are Jackson the state capital the only forty miles east of Vicksburg after defeating Johnson's forces grant move towards Vicksburg on sixteen may grant fault of Confederates under John Pemberton at champion hill and defeated them decisively he then tacked again it big Black River the next day and Pemberton fled the Vicksburg grant following close behind the trap was not complete interpreted was stuck in Vicksburg although his forces would hold out until the fourth of July in the three weeks since Greg cross the Mississippi River the campaign to capture Vicksburg is men marched a hundred eighty miles one five battles they took nearly a hundred Confederate artillery pieces nearly six thousand prisoners all with relatively light losses and best military history for today skip it's time for America report thank you Sir all of us here front lines of freedom what our listeners to get training get armed in that order we fully support the right to keep and bear arms for all law abiding families and we encourage you to find out about the laws governing use of deadly force in your state and follow them the letter and of course don't forget to follow the rules of safety and common sense whenever you're carrying a firearm to protect the one you love what story this week colonel a masked intruder allegedly entered a home in the morning of August eighteenth in Lexington county South Carolina instructs re people with the **** of a shot gun before being shot in the chest by one of the occupants the twenty six year old man was reportedly attempted to steal safe from the home police arrested him after he was released from the hospital the charge with numerous crimes his accomplice who allegedly drove him to the home was also arrested and charged the Lexington county sheriff's department confirmed the homeowners would not be charged thanks colonel this is an excellent story with a great outcome he gives us an opportunity to talk about an important aspect of home defense that isn't discussed very much and that is the question of unbridled talk about your home's defensive system in this particular story I find it hard to believe that a man randomly broke into a home and attempted to steal a safe chances are he already knew the safe was there perhaps even the location of the save as well as its contents most criminals are opportunistic in nature that is they see an opportunity developed and they are quick to seize upon it but other criminals are smarter and tend to plan their crimes out well in advance so they don't get caught as a general rule you should keep all information about your home's offensive system secret and given out and they need to know basis only despite that I often read postings from people on Facebook or other forms of social media where they brag about the safety of their homes this is a very bad idea folks and here's why there are many types of criminals who regularly scans social media for actionable Intel regarding you and your family if you brag on social media that you have three hundred and twenty one guns inside your house that makes you a very tempting target it's a little bit like waving a pound of beef steak in front of a ravenous wolf it will be very difficult for him not to take advantage of it during World War two there was a popular phrase it was printed on posters all over the country it simply said loose lips sink ships this maxim is just as true today as it was in nineteen forty two try to remember that Facebook friends are not always as loyal and caring as friends in real life chances are you haven't even met these people in short take some good advice and be careful little mouth what you say today loose lips may not sink ships however they just might get you robbed or one of your family members injured or even killed the movie is about this air show please go to the front lines of freedom website go to the blog and get the link you can watch for free review at the end of the month and I really appreciated getting your input send me your thoughts and Danielle from much of freedom dot com we're going to take a moment now to honor a great patriotic American who recently reported for duty and have a share a bit about our honorees Josh glad to colonel you may have known him as one half of the merry comedy do well in the sixties and seventies most of the world came to know him as George Costanza's high strung father Frank in the TV sitcom Seinfeld who could forget the episode where Kramer fitted him with a male brought he called the bro in a later role he would be the basement dwelling father in law of the king of queens and for you kids out there in real life he will always be Ben Stiller's dad Jerry Stiller passed away on Monday at the age of ninety two what you may not have known is that he was a World War two veteran he served in the army toward the end of the war and then used the GI bill to study speech and drama at the university of Syracuse where he graduated in nineteen fifty Jerry Stiller was an unbelievably talented comedian and actor but before he was cracking jokes he swore to protect and defend the constitution as a member of the greatest generation thank you for your service soldier and thank you Jerry Stiller for all the laughs rest in peace we can provide the freedom.

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