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This is this even a smith show podcast i'm stephen smith show right here on espn radio which is presented by progressive insurance protecting more businesses a big deal come what you worked so hard for visit progressive commercial dot com as always great honor to have on next guest guru on college football nfl draft everything in between the one and only todd mcshay resident analysts right here with steven on espn radio what's going on out how you doing good it's getting crazy a couple of way starting here all sorts data's what i was getting ready to get started with in terms of the craziness of it all compare the craziness that you're feeling right now to the craziness you feel around this time every single year is there's something a little extra special about this particular twenty eighteen nfl draft quarterback changed everything and they're they're all good quarterbacks to and i think it depends on where they land but also abuse of hers louis riddick and they both baker mayfield's the best quarterback in the draft kuyper likes josh allen i think sam darnold the best that's no different than what we're hearing we talked to teams in the league i mean just because the browns decided to go with let's say sam darnold doesn't mean that there weren't people in the building there were pushing hard for baker is interesting that you say that top because you just lewis and and and and our herbstreet think make may feels the best kuypers josh allen your son donald nobody's mentioned josh rosen but yet we're hearing he has the potential to be a pick third by the new york jets why specifically are we not hearing more about josh rosen considering his level of intellect and his ability to throw the football.

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