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Aj styles and mr wrestling johnny gargano now there's no doubt in my mind that working in st has given this to us that shawn michaels being down there as a trainer it's reminded him how much he loves professional wrestling how much he loves wwe and i think i think that he does have a bit of a hunger for one more match and i wouldn't be surprised and knowing sean i wouldn't be surprised if shawn michaels one more match doesn't take place at wrestlemainia i wouldn't be surprised if shawn michaels one last match goes down at takeover brooklyn march if sean if maybe at the takeover before wrestlemainia we see shawn michaels in one more match and if i had to predict right now i don't think that we will see shawn michaels interim with aj styles that's the mesh that i would probably want to see the most i don't think that's the match that we're gonna see i don't think that will see shawn michaels in the ring with daniel bryan as much as i would love to see that i don't think so i don't think we're going to see shawn michaels in a match with johnny gargano if i had to predict right now if i had to put my money on shawn michaels having just one more match right now i would go back to the last time he had just one more match and that was not in wwe that was in his texas wrestling association and that was in a ladder match and it was a street fight but really the purpose was to put what he was doing on the map.

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