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Dillas Sandro is overseeing the counting room here in Broward Palm Beach county, still having trouble there counting machines are older and malfunctioning so old. They can't even get parts and a federal judge is reviewing whether a state court can order an extension for the county. And now just breaking a governor. Rick Scott has to recuse himself from the final vote canvassing whenever that happens. Dave given back on Capitol Hill House Republicans will soon decided majority leader Kevin McCarthy should still lead them in the minority. When Democrats get taken troll. Jim Jordan's challenging him. Why did we lose in the first place? I mean, two years ago, the American people elected, President Trump to come to this town and shake it up, and he has done just that. But I don't think they've seen the same intensity from House Republicans the Justice Department's backing the acting attorney general the office of legal counsel says President Trump lawfully pointed Matt Whitaker to replace the ousted Jeff Sessions under the federal vacancies reform act. The state of Maryland gone to court challenging Whitaker's appointment people in northern California. Keep searching for loved ones they have. Heard from since the wildfires swept through killing forty eight people crews keep looking for more victims more than seventy six hundred homes that burned down. We're going to do everything we possibly can to diligently searched for those remains as Buchanan sheriff, Corey Honi. This is Fox News. It's still too close to call. I'm Greg Paul Cayenne S T news. Election officials across Arizona are continuing to count ballots more than a week after election day. The secretary of state's race is still too close to call right now democrat, Katie hob leads Republican Steve gainer by just under five thousand votes. There are still about one hundred twenty five thousand votes left to be counted. In Maricopa County, Arizona spending on political ads hits a new high this election cycle. Cronkite, news reports record one hundred twenty nine million dollars worth of political ads were broadcast leading up to the twenty eight teen general election more than forty thousand ads ran in October alone advertising analytic says more than half of the ad spending in Arizona was for the hotly contested US. Senate race won by democratic congresswoman Kirsten cinema. A bitcoin. Trader in Phoenix has been sentenced to fifteen months behind bars for pocketing more than one million dollars worth of crypto currency. Federal prosecutors say Joseph. Kim took at least six hundred thousand dollars worth of his trading firms, bitcoin and bitcoin currency to cover his own losses. Trading on foreign exchanges. Then after he was fired. He returned to Arizona and concocted another scheme which caused at least five investors to lose.

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