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Carly welcome and good morning in the news today this breaking news and for the first time since Donald Trump was elected back in November of twenty sixteen George will smiled last night. it was exciting to watch last a couple of innings I woke up and it was on and I well I went to Twitter and it was all this things changing so Washington nationals came back and won it that's fairly slows the on the nationals of radio network in it and a great call yeah very exciting call yeah call it's a good comeback and so now Eric and I did discuss earlier the fact that the name of the team is the nationals well it is and then there's the the problem I think we should that we should look into see if anyone's pro testing that because yes if you're a fan of the nationals you must be a nationalist yes and you can't we can't have that now now we've we said with both of course Washington nationals and the Washington Redskins really it's the first word in the name that's that's offensive it and it did that would be Washington. so but but beyond that you're a nationalist if you follow the team and and we can't have that today as well we have drawn out some suggested yeah. the globalist the globalist yeah statements P. impeach yours. impeach. in terms. where is Nancy of the plain cheese high in outside. sorry that one. my funny bone for some reason it was for it was an obvious thing to say but I just expected so thank you very much yeah thank you Raj work you're welcome I genuinely making me laugh but I try I didn't expect. yeah so can grant say that what I get they have the one game wild card I yeah I would prefer three but you know Hey what is it you were saying you know with as many and I think it's a fair point as many games as there are in the baseball season a wild card you know if you're going to really make a wild card bid you got to make it what two out of three maybe. yeah yeah in a best of three a yeah I I'd buy like this but you know and think they can do whatever they want you know. yeah I can do name your team whatever you wish to name your team that's why we're not a judge you wanted the napkins in other news a federal judge has halted that's from the hill dot com federal judges hold a California law that would require president trump to disclose his tax returns in order to appear on the state's primary ballot U. S. district judge Morse in England a George W. bush appointee on Tuesday issued a written opinion arguing the laws likely unconstitutional according to the Associated Press he had ordered a preliminary injunction against the law last month the bill which requires all candidates for president or governor to provide five years of federal tax returns in order to appear on the California primary ballot was signed into law by governor Gavin Newsom in July president trump's legal team along with the Republican National Committee challenge the law in court England single a signal a signal excuse me in September that he would block the law arguing then that there would be irreparable harm without temporary relief for trump and other candidates to be didn't issue the preliminary injunction according to the Los Angeles Times the move was praised at the same time by trump's legal team we are encouraging the federal court is tentatively concluded that a preliminary injunction should be granted we look forward to the court's written order from buzz attorney said in a statement it remains our position that the law is unconstitutional because states are not permitted to add additional requirements for candidates for president of the United States and that the law violated citizens first amendment right of association so. California is a chief elections officer Tuesday said he plans to appeal the decision you're not gonna win California will appeal this ruling and we will continue to make our thorough thoughtful argument for stronger financial disclosure requirements for president and gubernatorial candidates you can do offer gubernatorial candidates sure by the way that needs to be made clear I believe that the law is struck down because it applies to the president not because it applies to the gubernatorial candidates. right right right and it's some it's it's it seems again. I don't know the chaos right now seems to be just an old all time high. you do have to wonder what. what I wonder what the the sentiment is right now in DC really what the polls is. based on where things are going right now. I mean on the left with it are the Democrats really scrambling because they really believe bars going to come out with something new and I was just talking during the break a top of the hour news our top of the hour break. about the inspector general from the department the state department. no all the liberal media was reporting this yesterday that the inspect the IG from the state department supposed to address. members of Congress various committees. what's something relating to the president and you're correct. and that's supposed to happen sometime today. so I really wonder right now was that the president Ukraine or just Ukraine. regarding truck trump and Ukraine okay there in fact the implication is that it would be regarding the call. or maybe another call. but here's the problem. you can't take any of that seriously right now. no I have no idea what the inspector general from the state department is going to do if he's if he's going to do anything. well he is the inspector general of the state department right. so what would be so okay so is it related to well Mike Pompeii oh well I don't because the the the latest that we have heard. is that it is the inspector general of the state department this is a story we had yesterday that is the one that contacted a hundred and thirty of of Democrats are or Democrats and or members of the Obama administration that had communicated with Hillary on her. on her home home brewed server and that many of them were contacted because the contents of the email sent and or received. now have been deemed classified. so they had been sending classified material or receiving classified material from the Hillary server which is in violation of the law. shown now when you said the inspector general from the state department that's what first hit my mind so what he would be saying about the president and or the state department you know the inspector general looks at not what the president does again. the inspector general for the state department would be looking at wrongdoing within the state department here's how it's here's how it's raised a written at the the hill dot com Justin wise at the help icon state private inspector general's expected to meet with the staff from multiple congressional committees on Wednesday and brief them on documents related to the trump administration's dealing with your crane according to multiple reports now these reports were fast and furious late in the afternoon and early evening on Tuesday is that part of Pompeii stating that they're going to five no no because they can't because Pompey was separate from the inspector general yes he's the inspector general each department is separate from whoever heads that department because right it is it is supposed to be like almost like an internal affairs well your position I have no idea what is I don't know but the liberal media was on a very happy. but there's not there's there is no there is no disclosure of the topic that will be discussed with these committee members on Capitol Hill with the inspector general from there but that the state department so again it could be a number of things. they give you something that they were strong. I mean if it's about documents related. to the trump administration that again is suing Justin wise here at the hill dot com is accurate that it's well they did choose the documents related to the trump administration's dealings with your crane well the trump administration is the state department yes so people think yes right it is yes it was just it was so so what would be the inspector general has documents from the state department's dealings with the Ukraine right technically is how it should be written because when you say the administration not you I mean right right but what when it said that it was a case it only really I went lies to the state department and only a price can only apply to the right but the way that it's written as if all K. the inspector general's looking at the president well any documents that the president would be sending now if it was documents from somebody inside of the state department sending a document to the president. then yeah the inspector general you know that or there was communication between. does a party in the inspector general's herbs for me in in the state department and the president right then yes but if it's the president and his documents between countries no he's not driving around the city with a on the internet that review today and so I I just want to I I do it should be clear and I don't know if those in the media look we've talked about this before we have children in the media yeah I don't know if they understand. everything right I honestly don't know if they understand what inspector general does I don't even know if Eric holder understands what an inspector general does he doesn't seem to have a clue the difference between an inspector general image and an Attorney General and he wasn't Attorney General yeah sold they're all confusing me at times. but. well okay so we know that I mean because of the reports that Pompey was on the call listen to the call right. so a in in terms of the president's call with your crank. oh okay that could be a possible okay so there could be a could there be notes there that clarifies certain things. or could there be other state department officials. that talk to Pompeii and and was our communication. what is it what's your communication that the. the Pompeii knew where the inspector general was going or the red been communication the communication was look look you've got the documents you present them I'm not going to present them because I'll be viewed as getting involved in it so if you if you if you present them if you present these documents. then it's the inspector general doing it which is outside of my office. coming from Pompeii not the president give me coming from Palmdale yeah right look these documents exist I would I would give them I would give them but you've already analyze them and in some investigation and you might do in the line of fire in the media and on Capitol Hill so it's better that it comes from you right. in the same way that the White House and documents over and let Horowitz at the justice department the IG at the justice department handle that situation rather than it come from the administration. or come from the White House right here's how it's raised at the ABC news ABC news dot com state department's inspector general is expected to give an urgent briefing to staffers from several house and Senate committees on Wednesday afternoon about documents obtained from the department's office of the legal adviser related to the state department and your crank. so. it's going to be I don't know that well they don't mention trump and that one well known but the state department would be of course part of the administration and and and who knows again I get why they phrased that way at the the whole dot com but. details of the briefing again remain unknown lentic that Steve lack of the the inspector general at the state department is expected to meet with congressional staff in a secure location on Capitol Hill which means that it's going to be a the it's probably going to be about a lot of classified documents related to that whole thing it has to be pro trump otherwise it would have been the leaked..

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