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That what you liked to do you think they can fly? They can't either, but they can jump really really high. But this is like I mean, this in the second movie the children are in an apartment that is engulfed in flames. We'll if you're going to talk about another movie, I'm going, you know, what? Pause on this right now, we're going to watch the other may. Jay, I hold on. We're gonna positing a see both other movies hold on. Back though, you. Yeah. The flames man crazy days. He's children need to be removed from this household. Well, I mean, first of all both will look the dad is making a very big wage being a private pilot to a CEO. This is a story line that we are following from each movie, he is a cab driver and a pilot. And now he's full on just pilot. He used to have to go back and forth reason, they drive a cab is because in the regional movie. He's just a cabbie. And she gives birth in the back seat of his cat because she was having an affair with George Seagal who does make a very brief candy. Let's hear him. It wasn't that wasn't habit wasn't him. Now that was short that was that was short Siegel. Oh, I think it Siegel Siegel Seagal on Steven Seagal. Oh, I thought it was I thought it was the play the seagull. But why would he why would even agree to appear in such a limited thing? Like, all right. Well, you you love my characters the philandering accountant in the movie one. Why is Diane keen in this movie? Like what's going on the second? Voisey other question a movie they have Diane Keaton. Yeah. They get George Seagal. Siegel conceal. I'm sorry, George. It's they get George Segal. There are really no cameos never Novi. That should be Chuck full of cameo Olympia debate couldn't they got Olympia Dukakis. But you look at all these other roles and even the voice over roles. How easy is it to get anybody? They couldn't get anyone the first movie huge hit Ellen expected the second movie, huge flop, and then they go let's double down. Again. This is nine hundred ninety three. This is a year before Pulp Fiction comes out. So either he shooting that right after the Hawaii or John Travolta shutter right before like, this is a weird moment in time because it seems like they just really want to do this movie together and be these characters and that fun. I mean, not. You don't think they went to work for fun? Travolta does donate his own planes to these movies. That is a true fact, I have another question Travolta, always in the cockpit alone. That's violation of FAA regulations. All private, yes. He seems to fly those planes completely on his own. Yes, there need to be too. 'cause he's a hero. They need to be there. Need to be to pilots? You never see another pilot. Yeah. And also they need to rest in between that is a law. He is constantly the premise is he's being forced to fly nonstop alone. Now, I'm in Paris now in Boston just for private like a business client, like a it's not like he is being he's like, he's a pilot who is jumping around for all these different flow one person. He's flying everywhere constantly who's sexually obsessed with him. And by the way, do you get that to get like why she would be so intimacy displayed any. Characteristics. That would connect the two of they setup. Also that she's on the cover of fortune five hundred and so and she's this very attractive. Very sexy woman who's who's a Mogo right and her only option for a man her only option is the former cabdriver with the tourney Joe's. Well, father of two father of two whose life is falling apart. Come. So this is that classic late eighties early nineties representation of a woman in a like a leadership position right where she's like sex crazed wants to doesn't care about family. Life says Asti also a real fit man on Christmas Eve, she her office is Lynch, Ian in like, what is the scene? She. Yes, she's whereas that her office was a month. Liam office is like Jared Leto 's house in blade runner twenty four thousand nine to such lengths to void of emotion or Amy personal connection. They don't ever seem to be having fun together. All the fun. They're having his offscreen, which is another weird thing because he's like, oh, she's joking with me because she bought me this jacket..

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