President Trump, Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders discussed on The Ben Shapiro Show


So here's how you cannot suck. Okay. Few rules for not sucking at this one. When there's not enough information. Instead of you touting out your speculation or your jump to conclusion, just wait because within forty eight hours. There will be enough information, and then you can make a judgment to don't attribute crazy people to your. Article opponents. Hey, attributes your political opponents, what is attributable to not attribute to them that which is not attributable. So if you want to attribute mobs going and shouting, Ted Cruz out of restaurants to Maxine Waters that seems reasonable to me if you wanna cues President Trump of incentivizing people to punch protesters, I think even that is maybe reasonable. But if you're going to claim the President Trump is responsible for mail bombs, and you're going to claim that Bernie Sanders is responsible for shootings on congressional baseball fields that is not reasonable fourth. If you are going to start attributing the heightened political rhetoric in this country to violence, if you're gonna start saying violence is coming from that. Then you're going to have to recognize that this sort of heightened political rhetoric exists on all sides. Hey, because if you don't then you're lying, you're being dishonest. You are now I'm not saying that it's happening equally on all sides. But I am saying that it is happening on all sides, and we all need to take it down a pitch. Hey, President Trump's political rhetoric is a problem when he says I criticized him heavily last week on the show for praising Greg Gianforte. For body slamming reporter, if you're going to do that you also have to point out when Democrats used violent rhetoric, which they have been doing more and more often Hillary Clinton said two weeks ago that civility against Republicans civility with Republicans was simply uncalled for at this time. If we're going to talk about heightened political rhetoric we have to talk about it in an accurate way. We are not doing that in the media are not doing that. And that's creating blowback against the media. If finally here's how you can..

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